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15 Apr 2012 - 21:00

We bring Counterflows to a close with two explosive sets from Decoy with special guest Joe McPhee. Coming together for the first time at OTO in December 2009 where they instantly hit it off we brought them back together last October for two nights that provided one of the highlight's of what was already a musically mind blowing year. Capable of charting an unpredictable path between passages of tonal exploration, shimmering beauty and rampaging high energy motorik its a pleasure to bring them to Berlin so they can work their magic there.

Decoy is the stunning organ trio featuring Alex Hawkins, John Edwards and Steve Noble. Hawkins - whose early training as a pipe organist encourages him to exploit the full potential of the Hammond Organ and Leslie speaker is joined by arguably one of the greatest rhythm sections in music who combine a gift for unstoppable rhythmic propulsion and beguiling sonic abstraction - from furious swing to metallic klang and slapped strings..

Alexander Hawkins - Hammond Organ
Steve Noble - Drums
John Edwards - Double Bass

Prices : 12€/night or 30€/3daypass
No advance-sale, no advance-booking, make sure to come early (limited number of seats)

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