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Joe McPhee

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With a career now spanning over 37 years and more than 60 recordings, Joe McPhee has shown that emotional content and theoretical underpinnings are thoroughly compatible — and in fact, a critically important pairing — in the world of creative improvised music.

“There is always form there, whether it’s a form that can be repeated - and I’ve been trying for sometime now to back away from that; I like to find something new each time and take the sum total of my experience - just a human experience - and include musical experience also and try to fashion something new. I may take time or I might take pitch or something and use it as a vessel in which the contents are fluid and always changing, to give it shape like that. I don’t see very much difference between a composition that’s written down and can be repeated from one where I just start from wherever I am and create it; I always have a sense of beginning and ending. I know that there’s been a lot of emphasis of throwing up paper on stands and stuff like that, but I would prefer the musicians to play the music and play themselves and to play their experiences rather than to read something.” (from a 1996 radio interview with John Corbett, found on Joe McPhee's Homepage)

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sololala 2009 (3rd night)

4 Dec 2009 - 20:00
A. Rosenstein (photo by R.Trocker) + Joe McPhee (photo by Steve Robinson)

SOLOLALA 2009 // 02.-06.12.09 // Sophiensaele Berlin

No Solo, no Cry!

SOLOLALA 2009 ist eine Hommage an Alvin Lucier und Adolphe Sax, den Erfinder des Saxophons.
Jeder Festivalabend beginnt mit der Interpretation eines fr


15 Apr 2012 - 21:00

We bring Counterflows to a close with two explosive sets from Decoy with special guest Joe McPhee.

Prices : 12€/night or 30€/3daypass
No advance-sale, no advance-booking, make sure to come early (limited number of seats)