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Dror Feiler

Dror Feiler is a musician, composer, a visual artist and a political activist. He was born in Tel Aviv, 1951 and is living in Sweden sience 1973.

With his ardent sense of vocation Dror Feiler must rank as one of Sweden’s leading composers & improvisation musicians, and he campaigns for equality of status between improvised and pre-composed music. ”We cannot help noticing how composing practice, with all its history, has taken us back to the origins of all music: improvisation. Improvisation can be interpreted as an instinctive act of trying to achieve emancipation in a bureaucratic, technocratic society. A society creating a body of artists which to a great extent is a body of fellow travellers and only in exceptional cases a body of resistance fighters, resistance being the most essential material for creating an art that is a self-defence which is imperative in the present day situation.” In the recent years his reputation as a musician and composer is growing fast and some of the most important European orchestras, Festivals and ensembles has commissioned works from him. (Stockholm New Music, Donaueschingen, Huddersfiled and Wien Modern)
When speaking about his music he shows a will to work with music that deals with the world. “ I want always to deal with the grim problems in life: Beat the White the red wedge (Revolution); Schlafbrand (Second World War); Let the Millionaires go Naked (Revenge of the poor); Intifada and Halat Hisar (Israeli-Palestinian conflict). Aesthetics per se do not interest me. More than that it is dangerous. When I compose or play I do not look for beauty, but for truth ”. He often depicts, fortissimo and at great length, a violent struggle, but concerning Maavak (struggle) he says: ”Maavak does not describe the struggle Maavak is the struggle.” Dror Feiler has been active in solidarity work in the Israeli / Palestinian context since 1970 (was among the initiators for "Ship to Gaza Sweden" and is a spoke person for the organization) and he has been engaged in solidarity work in the Colombian context since the middle of the 1990’s.

Hansén & Allbee / Imri Sandström / Feiler & Hindi

26 Apr 2014 - 20:00
Linn Hansén

"Alter Schwede!"2  - Festival für Dichtung – Musik – Performance
Zweiter Abend
Linn Hansén & Liz Allbee

Imri Sandström: "(S)TONE TOLD"

Dror Feiler & Jassem Hindi

Hanno Leichtmann