Elena Kakaliagou

Elena Kakaliagou photo Thomas Plattner

Elena Kakaliagou is a french horn player from Greece, living in Berlin. Her path in music brought her from the classical music field to contemporary and improvised music, passing as a master student by the cities and scenes of Austria, Finland and Germany. Kakaliagou combines extended technics and classical sound, voice and text. She is co-founder of the Finnish group RANK Ensemble, the Austrian PARA and member of Zinc & Copper and Zeitkratzer in Berlin.  She has worked with great artists like Hilary Jeffery, Robin Hayward, Ingrid Schmoliner, Thomas Stempkowski, Reinhold Friedl, James Andean, Solmund Nystabakk, Saara Olarte, Matias Guerra, Riikka Innanen, Annika Fuhrmann, Christos Farmakis, Amir ElSaffar, CC Hennix, Phill Niblock, to name but a few. Her focus on detail and interest in the acoustic of various in and outdoor places brought her to fantastic festivals and venues like Uncool/CH, Schrattenberg/AT, Artacts/AT, Issue Project Room/NY, Tempere Biennale/FI, Musica Nova/FR, Kaleidophon/AT, Maerz Musik/DE, Super Deluxe/JP and many more.


Kakaliagou/Schmoliner + Okuda/Vandeweyer

3 Mar 2017 - 20:30

Kakaliagou / Schmoliner: Ingrid Schmoliner – prepared piano, voice; Elena Kakaliagou – french horn, voice

Metal Illusion: Rieko Okuda – piano, keyboard, viola, puppets, lights; Els Vandeweyer – vibraphone, trash guitar, puppets, lights