Friday March 1, 2013
End: 14:00
Start: 18 Feb 2013 - 14:00
End: 1 Mar 2013 - 14:00

About the Edge of a Roundabout
A commemorative evening.
A lecture / performance by Colyne Morange & Stomach Company

4 multi-disciplinary artists gather an audience for the first time, to disclose their project of memorial. Ritualistic hanging of wet plastic bags on tree branches ; a radio station broadcasting sounds of sirens and shots; a rest-stop shop distributing a variety of commemorative kits to meet the tastes of consumers ... this is some of the 100 ideas imagined by these creators who, in front, for and with the audience, seek, think and experiment all possibilities.
A performance about fright, horror and how to deal with our memory.

Saturday March 2, 2013
Start: 20:30

About the Edge of a Roundabout
A commemorative evening.

A performance about fright, horror and how to deal with our memory.

Concept: Colyne Morange,
Dramaturgie: Heike Bröckerhoff,
Video: Pierre Bouglé,
Sound: Mathias Delplanque
With Pierre Bouglé, Heike Bröckerhoff, Colyne Morange and who wants to participate
Production:  Stomach Company

Sunday March 3, 2013
Start: 21:00
with Lilith Finkenzeller/Johnny Chang (Berlin) & Radio Cegeste (Dunedin, Neuseeland)

A signal is relayed across the world. Modes of interactions and channels of communications are established between Dunedin New Zealand and Berlin Germany.

Friday March 8, 2013
Start: 20:00

Beide Beide Messies

"Die Abwerfung des Geweihes seitens des Hirsches"
(Männerlieder und -tänze für Frauen und andere)

Saturday March 9, 2013
Start: 20:30

Richard Barrett – electronics
Richard Scott – electronics
Michael Vorfeld – percussion

Steffi Weismann – composition, sound-belt, voice
Annette Krebs – composition, objects, voice

Sunday March 10, 2013
Start: 19:00

2 short films and a special performance by Takehito Koganezawa, Schneider TM and Tomoko Nakasato

Already two years have passed since the triple catastrophy happened in Japan.

Berlin based musician Manami N. curates a solidarity event to support the people who fight against nuclear business in Japan and to commemorate the victims of the catastrophy.
The program will present 2 short documentary films from Japan and a special performance from artist Takehito Koganezawa , musician Schneider TM and dancer Tomoko Nakasato.

More details come soon!

Thursday March 14, 2013
Start: 21:30

don't give up - you can dance!

attention! this event has been moved to the 23rd of march!!!

Thursday March 21, 2013
Start: 19:30

Im März 1813, zeitgleich zur Kriegserklärung an Frankreich, begründete Friedrich Wilhelm III.
mit der Einführung "fremdenrechtlicher" Regelungen in Preußen ein modernes Rechtsregime der Exklusion. Vortrag von Thomas Moritz und Michael Plöse über Geschichte und Gegenwart deutscher Selbstfindung´gegen Menschenrecht und Partizipation.

Geöffnet ab 19:30 Uhr, Beginn um 20:00 Uhr. Eintritt frei.

Friday March 22, 2013
Start: 21:30


Monks of Gier

ODD (V-Records)

Shake M
vj chuuu

Doors 21:30h, first performance 22:30h


Saturday March 23, 2013
Start: 21:30
Don´t give up - you can dance!

A new series of dancemusic beyond style at ausland once
a month hosted by The Vulva String Quartett a.k.a. Hanno
Leichtmann. The VSQ will invite fancy people every night to play
out the finest electronic music for your dancing pleasure.

Tonights guest stars: i'm so blasé record release party
with: nicholas desamory, the vulva string quartett, strobocop

For news check:

Doors: 20.30h / Start: 21.30h

Tuesday March 26, 2013
Start: 20:00

digital in Berlin music salon presents:


Loscil (Canada / Kranky)

aus (Japan / flau) + special guest Clara Hill

doors 20:00 h / concert 21:00 h.

Wednesday March 27, 2013
Start: 21:00

Robert Piotrowicz (PL)//Joke Lanz (CH)//Rubén Patiño (ES)

Robert Piotrowicz' "When Snakeboy is Dying" Record Release Party and Concert.

Friday March 29, 2013
Start: 20:30
End: 21:00

Andrea Lange
self built and circuit bend instruments

Daichi Yoshikawa
Daichi Yoshikawa - electronics

Michelle Yom
Amplified flute/speakers

Sunday March 31, 2013
Start: 15:00

serge baghdassarians / boris baltschun


auditorium is an installation consisting of several related works translating sound through illumination and animation.

the led-displays of guitar pedal tuners become the surface for the projection of letters, words and sentences.

these words refer to different forms of auditory activity such as tuning and memorising and point to the regulative powers of musical systems.

each word becomes a number of tone names which cannot be heard but are to be imagined.


Friday April 5, 2013
Start: 19:30

Buchpremiere: Steffen Popp liest aus seinem neuen Lyrikband "Dickicht mit Reden und Augen".

Aus diesem Anlass lesen außerdem

Christian Hawkey & Uljana Wolf:
Erasures und Artverwandtes,

Daniel Falb & Dan Falbeil:
historische Gedichte und Travestien.

Geöffnet ab 19:30 Uhr, Beginn um 20:00 Uhr.





Sunday April 7, 2013
Start: 21:00

 "Last minute transmissions" with Derek Shirley and Johnny Chang!

Thursday April 11, 2013
Start: 20:00

Valerie Adelsberger, Aktivistin bei BirdLife Malta, berichtet
in ihrem Vortrag von der alljährlichen Jagd auf zum Teil
vom Aussterben bedrohte Zugvogelarten auf der Mittelmeerinsel,
den Hintergründen dieser Jagd(un-)kultur und zeigt Strategien
dagegen auf.

Weitere Infos:

Geöffnet ab 20 Uhr, Beginn des Vortrags um 20:30 Uhr. Eintritt frei.

Friday April 12, 2013
Start: 21:30

Don´t give up - you can dance!

A new series of dancemusic beyond style at ausland once
a month hosted by The Vulva String Quartett a.k.a. Hanno
Leichtmann. The VSQ will invite fancy people every night to play
out the finest electronic music for your dancing pleasure.

Tonight's special guest: Cristian Vogel

Doors & start 21:30 h.

For news check:

Saturday April 13, 2013
Start: 20:00

Tomoko Sauvage
Tomoko Sauvage - waterbowls

Pierre Borel - saxophone
Johnny Chang - viola
Hannes Lingens - snare drum
Morten J. Olsen - bass drum
Nils Ostendorf - trumpet
Derek Shirley - double bass

Frank Gratkowski - alto saxophone
Matthias Schubert - tenor saxophone

+ Exhibition by Michal Fuchs & Nicolas Lefort


exhibition opens 20:00!!!

supported by:
Bezirksamt Pankow
Konzert des deutschen Musikrates  

Wednesday April 17, 2013
Start: 21:00

Konzert Minimal presents “Ochitsuite”, written by Radu Malfatti especially for the ensemble and Dutch pianist/composer, Dante Boon. Plus new composition by Johnny Chang based on / in reference to “Ochitsuite”.


Friday April 19, 2013
Start: 20:00

Ein Abend mit Lesungen von Eberhard Häfner, Sergey Moreino (auf Russisch und Deutsch) und Ron Winkler.

Geöffnet ab 20:00 Uhr, Beginn um 21:00 Uhr.

Saturday April 20, 2013
Start: 20:30
End: 21:00

Magda Mayas - Piano
Heddy Boubaker - Modular synth
Clayton Thomas - Doublebass

Vojtech Prochazka - piano, organ, synths, electronics
Adrian Myhr - electric bass
Tore Sandbakken - drums, percussions

Doors 20:30 / start 21:00

Wednesday April 24, 2013
Start: 20:30

Vinyl Terror and Horror
Greta Christensen – modified turntables, electronics
Camilla Sørensen – modified turntables, electronics

(Fake) The Facts
dieb13 – turntables, cigar box
Mats Gustafsson – soprano, slide and tenor sax, live electronics
Martin Siewert – guitars, ring stinger, electronics

Friday April 26, 2013
Start: 20:00

Erster Abend des Festivals "Alter Schwede!":

Pär Thörn (Text / Live-Elektronik)
Helena Jureén (Schreibmaschine / Live-Elektronik)

Andrea Ermke (mini discs / Mischpult)
Anders Lindsjö (Gitarre)

Andrzej Tichý (Text)
Axel Dörner (Trompete)

Geöffnet ab 20 Uhr, Beginn um 21 Uhr.

Eintritt (inklusive Festivalreader): EUR 8 / erm. EUR 6.

Saturday April 27, 2013
Start: 20:00

Zweiter Abend des Festivals "Alter Schwede!":

Cia Rinne

Burkhard Beins (Live-Elektronik)
Johan  Jönson (Text)

Lesung und Performance:
Ida Börjel & Uljana Wolf
"method acting mit Anna O."

Hanna Hartman
for 33 amplified threaded rods

Geöffnet ab 20 Uhr, Beginn um 21 Uhr.

Sunday April 28, 2013
Start: 19:30

Dritter Abend des Festivals "Alter Schwede!".
Geöffnet ab 19:30 Uhr, Beginn um 20:30 Uhr.

Tisha Mukarji (Piano)
Martin Küchen (Saxophone)

Mats Lindström solo (Live-Elektronik / Licht)

Lesung & Performance
Sven-Åke Johansson

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