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LIVESTREAM: Jan St. Werner + Guests

14 Mar 2020 - 20:00

CC No. 2 – Craving Coincidence
pt. 1


Patricia Reed
Jan St. Werner
Dean Roberts

+++ CC No.2 goes livestream +++
>>> short summary:
Saturday March 14th, "Fiepblatter Catalogue: Jan St. Werner + Guests" is cancelled as a public audience venue event. But we're doing everything we can to set up a livestream program with Jan + many more for Saturday evening from ca. 20:00h on. You will find relevant infos here and on ausland's website, and we would be pleased you'd join us! Please stay tuned for details + spread the word. The stream will most likely happen here:
>>> details:
Dear Guests,
initially, we wanted to keep up Saturday's programme as a regular public audience event - this night would have been the premiere of our new series "Craving Coincidence", into which lots of artistic and organizing work had already been put, just like into so many other productions elsewhere. But these are different days, public health and safety are even more important than they anyway generally are.
So, we decided to leave ausland's doors closed on Saturday, and most likely also for the other events announced to come up soon (you will find individual information about this in the event announcements).
But, as said above: Our tech team is setting up a livestream with good sound, and we want to hold a nice session inside ausland that you can join online! Please spread the word.
The money you're saving at ausland's door and bar, maybe invest into artists records or merch in whatever form, who are suffering from cancelled shows.

[de] Zur neuen ausland-Reihe CC No. 2 - Craving Coincidence sind sechs Musiker*innen eingeladen, je einen langen Abend frei zu gestalten:
Sie stellen ihren eigenen Auftritt in den Kontext eines heterogenen Programms zwischen Konzertabend, Salon und Clubnacht.
Den Auftakt heute macht Jan St. Werner (Microstoria, Mouse on Mars),
der Olivia Block, PITA, Rosa Barba, Patricia Reed und Eleni Poulou ins ausland mitbringt und zusammen mit Rupert Smyth das Buch "Decay Object" präsentieren wird. Der Abend wird selbst zu einem Teil von St. Werners Langzeitprojekt "Fiepblatter Catalogue".
Am nächsten Wochenende folgt im Projektraum Farbvision das Ausstellungsformat Fiepblatter Short Decay Store

[en] For our new series CC No. 2 - Craving Coincidence, we've invited six musicians to curate one long ausland-night each, inbetween concert evening, salon and club night.
They're weaving their own concert into a heterogenuos programme featuring contributions by further artists.
Tonight's first edition was put together by Jan St. Werner (Microstoria, Mouse on Mars), who'll bring Olivia Block, PITA, Rosa Barba, Patricia Reed and Eleni Poulou with him to ausland, and present the book "Decay Object" together with Rupert Smyth. The evening as such becomes part of St. Werner's long-term project "Fiepblatter Catalogue".
At project space Farbvision, the exhibition format Fiepblatter Short Decay Store follows the next weekend.
- electronics -

PITA live
- electronics -

- electronics -

ROSA BARBA: "Somnium"
- film screening -

PATRICIA REED: "Frames of Reference for the Inexistent"
- diagrammatic lecture -


- book presentation -
Doors 19:30 Uhr, Start 20:30 Uhr  | @facebook
- tickets at the door | 9 EUR

+ Sat /Sun March 21/22
FIEPBLATTER SHORT DECAY STORE at Farbvision (Schönhauser Allee 28 – 10435 Berlin)

In connection to the CC No. 2-live programme at ausland, Farbvision presents an exhibition by Jan St. Werner referring to his long-term project Fiepblatter Catalogue on the weekend of March 21/22 including graphics and artwork related to the series, special collectables and the complete Fiepblatter Catalogue-recordings. Details coming soon  | |

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