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"Fluid Meshes" sound installation by Gil Delindro

5 Mar 2016 - 20:00
5 Mar 2016 - 23:59

FLUID MESHES sound installation/performance by Gil Delindro

A mesh appears to connect different sources of matter, an interconnected melting pot of uncontrollable results. In this contamination process, sound becomes the ultimate proof of our instability in space, a constant collapse of the past in to the future, with no fixed weight, everything is a floating vibrating land.

Following a series of experimentations with electroacoustic installations, Gil Delindro presents floating meshes, a hybrid format piece that sets up a fragile bridge between installation and performance. How much of a set has its own life, how much of it should or not be manipulated? The intangible fixed place of a physical object is here destroyed through the fragility of its own components, the matter constantly changes its form and density, and thus the set becomes an independent living being, creating its own composition in a self-feeding-process.

Coming from previous work TAO, this piece starts on the microscopic observation of circular processes in water, but meshes it with an ongoing manipulation, driven by the performer attempt to interact, re-create and contaminate that cycle. The interaction ends when the totality of a cycle is completed and no transformation remains. A symbolic reflection on time perception and imperceptible organic mutations.