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Francesco Cavaliere + Christopher Kline

12 Jan 2012 - 21:00
12 Jan 2012 - 23:58
Francesco Cavaliere + Christopher Kline

Christopher Kline

(1982, US) has worked under various monikers over the last 7 years including Snakebraid, Night Music, Hush Hush, and in the groups Gemeine Gesteine and Wooden Veil among others.  His actions and installations focus on disorientation and ritual, often using bells and singing saw as the only sound-makers.

Francesco Cavaliere

Francesco Cavaliere (1980, Italy ) His work is centered around the conception and creation of musical devices, actions related with lands and fields, visions and language. His installations are based on observations and reactions to acoustic phenonmena of different found materials. His name is involved in differents groups and activities like: Mirror Trance, Mollusca, Doro Bengala, Alberorovesciato, ✧Sea Urchin✧ and Jooklo Plutonya. Is a curator with Marcel Türkowsky of a series of Exhibitions at the Grimmuseum, called Whilstle, Minotaure! which involve artists like Sam Ashley, C.C. Hennix and Henry Flynt.


einlass: 21:00 uhr

start: 22:00 uhr