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Francesco Cavaliere

cavaliere skin glass resonances / In this photo: vetro, speakers inside a drum

Francesco Cavaliere - About Me:

Form a circle with blocks around created where you cut the blocks. Cut the circle in a spiral from
the top of the last block to the ground ahead of the first block, This will make it easy to construct a done.
Build up walls, overlapping the blocks and shaping them so that lean inward. Cut a hole under the wall for the cold sink and entrance. The last block must initially be larger than the hole. Place the block on top, of the igloo then from inside, shape and wiggle it to slot exactly into the hole. Hot air from your body and stove rises and is trapped inside the dome.
Cold air falls into the sink and flows away to the outside. It is essential to cut ventilation holes in the walls with anice axe.
With warmth inside the igloo, the surface of the walls will melt and freeze over, to form a smooth, airtight ice surface.
The roof over entrance tunnel prevents snow from blowing into igloo.

Duo Cavaliere & Türkowsky:

Mit ihrer ersten Begegnung, teilten Francesco Cavaliere (IT) & Marcel Türkowsky (GER)  sofort die Faszination für die Bedeutung der musikalischen Erfahrung und die Bedeutung des musikalischen Aktes in den unterschiedlichen kulturellen Kontexten. Mit ihren einzigartig idiosynkratischen Herangehensweisen im Umgang mit Klang als Material und Konzept und ihrer Verwendung von speziell ausgesuchten Objekten/Instrumenten/Installationen für ihre Performances überqueren sie immer wieder die Schnittstelle zwischen Musik und Bildender Kunst und lassen stets neu gebaute Brücken hinter sich. Cavaliere & Türkowsky, inspiriert von Walter Marchetti Wunsch sich von "Cage´s Cage" zu befreien, schaffen Solo und in Zusammenarbeit Werke in den Bereichen der Musik, Performance, Bildende Kunst, Komposition, Tanz, Anthropologie und Archäologie. Derzeit sind sie mit ihrem kuratorischen Programm Whistle, Minotaure! am Grimmuseum aktiv und desweiteren mit Aktions Musik Projekten wie Alberorovesciato, Cones, Canou, Datashock, Doro Bengala, Jonbo n `Jovi, Molluska, Snake Figures Arkestra, Uuhuu, Wooden Veil in Bewegung. Marcel Türkowsky gründete 2010 die Harpokrates Edition zur Veröffentlichung und Verbreitung von multiplen Kunstobjekten im Bereich der Musik und Kunst, in Form von Vinyl Objekten, Kassetten, Schachteln und Büchern. Für Occulto Fest präsentieren Francesco Cavaliere & Marcel Türkowsky eine neue Spiegel Trance Aktion, eine operative soundtheater Partition welche sich kristallisierend  auf die Nachahmung von Handlungen, Zeit und Dauer Spielen, Herausforderung des perzeptiven Hörens, Beziehung zum Konzertraum als sozialen Ort und die Verlagerung und Blendung zur unsichtbaren Seite hin, fokussiert.

"For some reason we have always kept as the adventure as a main narrative for the journey for more appaerent reason. Our sources of inspiration are always information that comes from our immediate environment. But the objects themselves dont actually have much of a direct meaning or relationship to the actions and sounds as such .... but it is a transition that we feel that we have to make. and then these actions and sounds are the images that we have had since the beinning and we always layer them over with different narratives.... Paradoxically, it is the misinterpretation of these pieces of information and the confusion that they generated that set it all off and make it happen. The documents are more like abstract images or sounds of a journey, things we use but for no reason they seem to be necessary." The Wire Bridge, Netmage 2010

Neverending Samersault

"Young italo-berlinese wizard, Francesco gave us this twelve baroque sound frames. Member of Alberorovesciato, Rayo and Doro Bengala, Cavaliere's works is everytime obsessed by frenetics and automatic movements. Protean sounds as an imaginific manufacts from a Maya population from the future." Neverending Somersault is games, counting, ferrets, trail of moving leaves and magical powders. Every track is the sign left from the retrieval of musical instruments, parts of audio archives and field actions. Recorded during 2008 and 2009, mainly on the Mediterranean coast of Italy and Germany. Hundebiss records, 2009

ausland juke joint special

17 Dec 2010 - 21:00
the ausland juke joint special

The ausland Juke Joint Special


Because we all have something to lose. A night full of special guests and surprises. You will come a man and leave on a horse.



Occulto Fest 2

13 Mar 2011 - 20:00
Rinus Van Alebeek

A two day festival. A series of sound performances. A video screening. A workshop.

Präsentation von: "Occulto #0 -Sie Leben, Case da Disabi


17 Dec 2011 - 21:00
17 Dec 2011 - 23:59
I Ching sheet


John Cage pieces


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Francesco Cavaliere
Stefan Roigk
Felicity Mangan
Mat Pogo
Ignaz Schick
Seiji Morimoto


Cartridge Music (1960)
Fontana Mix (1958)
Branches (1976)
Telephones and Birds (1977)
Song Books (1970)
Radio Music (1956)

Francesco Cavaliere + Christopher Kline

12 Jan 2012 - 21:00
12 Jan 2012 - 23:58
Francesco Cavaliere + Christopher Kline

Christopher Kline

Francesco Cavaliere