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Gunnar Lettow

Gunnar Lettow

Gunnar Lettow began his musical career as a rock musician in Kiel as member of the avantgarde rock band Nice Noise. There he started exploring the tonal possibilities of the electric bass. More and more often, he customized the electric bass and electronically processed its sound in order to create new universes of sound patterns. He also is a member of the duo „ phase~in „ with Sylvia Necker and regularly plays in ad-hoc ensembles (amongst others with Ernesto Rodrigues, Hermann Müntzing, Carl-Ludwig Pretty, Nicolas Wiese). He played with OTON and together with Robert Klammer in the trio "Die elektrische Nachtigall").

Klammer/Lettow/Scherzberg_ Honsinger/Rupp/Borghini

4 Feb 2011 - 21:00
Borghini, Rupp, Honsinger


Robert Klammer - zither, records, analog synth, electronics, objects
Gunnar Lettow - prepared Electric bass, electronics
Lars Scherzberg - sopranino, alto saxophone, cymbal


Diatribes/Mayas+Lettow/Erel/Heenan+Andrea Parkins

25 Nov 2011 - 22:00
25 Nov 2011 - 23:59
Andrea Parkins

Diatribes: Cyril Bondi - drums, d'incise - laptop, objects + Magda Mayas - (prepared) piano, el. piano

Andrea Parkins - electric accordion, objects, electronics

Gunnar Lettow - el. bass, objects, Korhan Erel - live electronics, Chris Heenan - saxofone, doublebass clarinet