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Hiromi Sunaga

Hiromi Sunaga

Electronic music / video artist living in Berlin. Started analog recording and video production in 2007, working mainly in Tokyo.
Produces acoustic works that utilize places / open spaces, where ambient sounds and drones exist,
 with her theme of “reflecting on the acoustic memory, overlapping and melting beauty.”
 Hosted an ambient event called “Shadow of Stars” at an old church in the suburbs in May 2011.
Took part in Hz-records’ compilation album amorphous in 2012 and BULLET’S 15th Anniversary! compilation 02 in 2014.
Currently planning to release a LP from a Japanese label CMFLG.

「星の影」Hiromi Sunaga | Saori Hala | Tukico

22 Jan 2016 - 20:00
「星の影」Hiromi Sunaga | Saori Hala | Tukico aka Hoshiko Yamane

 Doors 20:00, Start 21:00 「星の影」[Hoshi no Kage]

Concert | Performance

Tukico aka Hoshiko Yamane
Hiromi Sunaga
Saori Hala