Isabelle Duthoit

Isabelle Duthoit

Isabelle Duthoit – clarinet & voice
6 th of December 1970

1989: first prize of clarinet at the Conservatoire National Regional Tours
1990: first prize of clarinet at the Conservatoire National Regional de Paris
1991: admitted to the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Lyon, in the class of J. Di Donato
1995: DESM, Graduate Diploma of Music CNSMD Lyon
1997: the Certificate of Aptitude
1997: Appointed professor of clarinet and improvisation at the Conservatoire à Raoyonnement Département d' Evry (Essonne)
1995 - 2004: co-director of the festival Fruits de  Mhère, les champs de l'improvisation with Jacques Di Donato - international festival of artistic creation in rural area
2008: winner at Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto Japan,
she lives and works her voice project  for 8 months, she works and  studies
- The Otsuzumi, Noh drum with Taniguchi sensei,
- The Gidayu, art of reciting the bunraku theater, puppet theater with Sakiho sensei,
- Iaido the art of drawing the sword with sensei Yamakoshi,

Contemporary Music
During her musical career she turned early to contemporary music. She Played with l'atelier instrumental du XX° siècle  conductor Gilbert Amy, l'ensemble Intercontemporain, l'ensemble Itinéraire Met composers, Georges Aperghis, Vinko Globokar, Daniel D'Adamo, Klaus Huber, Pierre Jodlowsky, Gilbert Amy, Claire Melanie Sinhuber, Francesco Filidei ,Raphael  Cendo, Jennifer Walshe, Antony Patheras ...
interprets the repertoire as Luciano Berio, Pierre Boulez, Salvatore Sciarrino , Giacinto Scelsi, Iannis Xenakis, Olivier Messiaen, Helmut Lachenman ...

Improvised music
She finds her way in the world of free improvisation. She is a member of Triolid with David  Chiesa et Laurent Dailleau then Krizda with Gunda Gottschalk and Christine Wodrascka, Rose and Stomach with Jacques Di Donato,  Xavier Charles Xavier and Tim Hodgkinson,  4 Walls + 2 (Phil Minton, Luc Ex, Michael Vatcher Veryan Weston). She was the singer in the experimental rock band  Fogo with Jean Sebastien Mariage, Frederick Galiay, Jacques Di Donato. Plays in a duo with Jacques Demierre (piano clar & voice), with Jacques Di Donato (percussion clar & voice), with Bertrand Gauguet (sax & Clar) with Franz Hautzinger (trumpet, Clar& voice), with Daunik Lazro in  voices duo with Phil Minton. She creates trio canapé project  photo phonograph and music. Bouge with Johannes Bauer and Luc Ex,  , Where is the sun with Martin Tetreault& Dieb13 (turntables), Franz Hautzinger (trumpet) She  plays with the Poet Congress of Franz Hautzinger , with l'ensemble]h[iatus (written and improvised music),  Uruk with Hamid Drake & Michael Zerang (drums), Franz Hautzinger (trumpet)

She sings in solo

Music & Theater
Creates the music for la chair de l'homme of V. Novarina by  Cie Tsara.,
Created with Jacques Di Donato the music of L'ogre et la poupée  of Daniel  Lemahieux by Cie  Lazaro
Creates Blanc music and video entertainment scenery around Japan with J.  Demierre and A. Simon
Created the music for Hic Sunt Leones of Stéphane Olry La Revue Eclair
Collabores with Cie Roland Furieux for the piece Mevlido appelle Mevlido

Music & dance
Creates with Hiatus &  Cie Les Decisifs , the piece Yuj for 4 dancers and 4 musicians
Creates  with Cie Li (Luo) the piece Go go go said the bird  for 2 dancers and 1 singer

Creates few projects  (Local Vocal, Le temps du papillon,  improvied oratorio) with singers at the theatre des Quinconces l’Espal in Le Mans ,

Music Unlimited Wels , Konfrontation Nickelsdorf, Ulrichberger Kaleidophone Ulrichberg, Saalfelden Jazz Sallefelden, Son d'hiver Paris, November Music, Hertogenbosch, Météo Mulhouse, Musique Action Nancy, Europa Jazz Festival Le Mans, Jazz en Franche Comté Besançon, Huddersfield Music Festival, Densité Fresne en Wouevre, Jazz d'or Strasbourg, Archipel Genève, FMP Berlin, Banlieues Bleues Paris, Uzeste Musical, Musiques en scènes, Lyon, Total Meeting Tours, Sonic Circuit Washington, Jazz Budapest festival, Sibiu festival,Artact's St Johann, Roaring hooves festival Mongolia  HIFA Harare Zimbabwe,glatt und verkehrt Krems …

Duthoit/Hautzinger + Palme/Ullén

5 Nov 2016 - 20:30
photo Maciej Cioch

Isabelle Duthoit – voice, clarinet; Franz Hautzinger – quartertone trumpet

The Zeroeth Star: Pia Palme – contrabass recorder, electronics; Lisa Ullén – piano

Vowinckel + Duthoit/Oshima/Lebrat

15 Oct 2017 - 20:30
Isabelle Duthoit, Soizic Lebrat, Yuko Oshima - Antje Vowinckel

Antje Vowinckel: In Places of Logic for text projection, electronic organ and amplified objects

Isabelle Duthoit – voice, clarinet
Yuko Oshima – drums, percussion
Soizic Lebrat – cello