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Janneke van der Putten

Janneke van der Putten / © Gabriëlle-Barros-Martins
Janneke van der Putten works in the fields of visual arts, performance and music. Solo exhibitions include: All Begins With A, TENT (Rotterdam, 2015), Directed to the Sun, Atelierhaus Quartier am Hafen (Cologne, 2017), Quitsa, CINNNAMON (Rotterdam, 2017), and duo-show [to], Kunstraum 34 (Stuttgart, 2020). The project ‘Invisible Architecture’ with composer Chrs Galarreta, for which they published a vinyl in 2014, has been presented at amongst others Make the Audition: Meetings Between Art and Sound in Peru, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Lima, 2016) and nxnwfestival (Cologne, 2015). In 2020 they published ‘I.A. Maastunnel’, a new edition of the project in sound and moving image.

In 2016 van der Putten founded Idraola and initiated the Aloardi Exchange Programme, including the Aloardi Festival ‘Peruvian New Music & Arts’, WORM (Rotterdam, 2016 – 2017) inviting Peruvian artists to present their work in the Schengen Area. Van der Putten was artist-in-residence at amongst others the Centre international d’art et du paysage (Île de Vassivière, 2014), Haute école des beaux-arts du Rhin (Mulhouse/Strasbourg, 2019–2020), and was awarded a fellowship at Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart, 2019). She has lead her performance workshop ‘Textile and Voice in the Landscape’ at the 45th National Salon of Colombia (Bogota, 2019) and her research ‘Geo-astronomical Relations: the Moon and the River as our Elements’ at ArtEz (Arnhem, 2020). She received two fellowships from the Mondriaan Fund (2014–2015) and one stipend from CBK Rotterdam/Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam (2017). Her collaborative project ‘Voice-Skin #1, a sound experience for voice and (electro-)acoustics’ (2018-2021) receives support by Performing Arts Fund NL, Prins Bernhard Culture Fund and Akademie Schloss Solitude.

Janneke van der Putten (b. Amsterdam, 1985) is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

van der Putten & Galarreta // Olausson

5 Mar 2015 - 21:00

Janneke van der Putten (NL) & Chris Galarreta (PE) /// Johanna Olausson (SE/DE)

Long-time collaborators van der Putten (voice, etc.) and Galarreta (electromagnetic fields) present a live performance piece as well as a diffusion from their new record. The program is presented in collaboration with Errant Bodies (, where van der Putten and Galarreta exhibit an installation this same week.

Olausson presents her recent radio work "Refuse, Reduce, Reuse" - a 50 minute piece on alternative consumption: a bit funny, a bit serious, a bit political, a bit informative...

doors 20h30, start 21h

CANCELLED: van der Putten / S. Tarozzi & D. Walker

20 Jun 2020 - 20:30
1) S. Tarozzi & D.Walker © Alfredo Anceschi 2) Voice-Skin @. J. van der Putten

Janneke van der Putten - 'Voice-Skin #1: a sound experience for voice and (electro)acoustics’ Silvia Tarozzi & Deborah Walker - 'EXTREEMIZMS, early and late Music by Philip Corner'.

Voice-Skin: Janneke van der Putten

20 Nov 2021 - 20:30
Janneke van der Putten by Gabrielle Barros Martins


performing  Werner Durand, Philemon Mukarno & Sajjra Xhrs Galarreta