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Jason Kahn


Jason Kahn's work includes sound installation, performance and composition. He was born in New York in 1960, grew up in Los Angeles and relocated to Europe in 1990. He currently lives in Zürich. He has given concerts and exhibited sound installations throughout Europe, North and South America, Japan, Mexico, Korea, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Lebanon, Egypt, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia. Kahn performs both solo and in collaborations, using percussion, analog synthesizer or computer in different combinations. He composes for electronics, acoustic instruments and environmental recordings. For larger groups of directed improvsation he has devised a system of graphical scores. Kahn creates his sound installations for specific spaces. The focus of these primarily non-visual works lies in the perception of a space through sound. In 1997 Kahn founded the independent CD label "Cut," producing to date twenty-five CD's, both of Kahn's own work and other artists.

Kahn/Eubanks // Kamerman // Mukarji

21 Sep 2013 - 20:30
21 Sep 2013 - 21:00

Jason Kahn (CH/US) - drumset
Bryan Eubanks (US/DE) - soprano saxophone/live electronics

Richard Kamerman (US) - solo electronics

Tisha Mukarji plays Christian Wolff and her new composition entitled Tuning #4: For Piano

Doors at 20:30, performances start at 21:00