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Kahn/Eubanks // Kamerman // Mukarji

21 Sep 2013 - 20:30
21 Sep 2013 - 21:00

Jason Kahn / Bryan Eubanks
Jason Kahn, drumset
Bryan Eubanks, soprano saxophone/live electronics

This duo explores a dialogue using extreme dynamic changes, dense structures and the blurring of electronic and acoustic sound sources.
"It's a pretty much non-stop assault, maintaining enormous density and at least fair volume throughout...each shift, addition, subtraction carries with it a certain kind of forward propulsion, a hurtling forth that works at that moment as well as arousing in the listener an anticipatory curiosity."
--Brian Olewnick, Just Outside

Richard Kamerman, solo electronics
Richard Kamerman (b. NYC, 1985) continual improviser, periodic composer, automated percussionist, inept programmer. Kamerman's artistic interest is aimed foremost on the task of magnification. Small sounds, small gestures - made large. Inconsequential events - made important. The vast difference made to a narrative by a small change in focus. Room acoustics, microphone/pickup placement, and amplification are often very important to his live construction of sound, where he places great weight on the embracing of unintended consequences - e.g. errors in translation/format conversion, bursts of feedback, power supply failures.

Tisha Mukarji plays Christian Wolff and her new composition entitled Tuning #4: For Piano

Doors at 20:30, performances start at 21:00