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Jasper Stadhouders

Jasper Stadhouders ©Andy Moor

JASPER STADHOUDERS (Tilburg, Netherlands, 1989) is a guitarist and bassist based in Amsterdam.  He is an active member of the (inter)national improvised music circuit.  He is a co-founder of the band Cactus Truck and the Govaert/De Joode/Stadhouders Trio, and works as a sideman in various groups (a.o. Spinifex Quintet), next to playing countless of ad hoc improv shows.  Jasper has played with Han Bennink, Ab Baars, Paal Nilssen-Love, Marshall Allen, Wolter Wierbos, Noel Redding, Ken Vandermark, Jim Black, Andrew D’Angelo, Terrie Ex, Andy Moor, Wilbert De Joode, Peter Evans, Frank Rosaly, Dave Rempis, Michael Moore, Jeb Bishop, Peter Jacquemyn, Ingrid Laubrock and many more.  He has performed extensively in Europe, as well as in the USA.


23 Jun 2013 - 20:30

FIRE BRANDS a night of free jazz and fire music.

Johannes Bauer, trombone
Clayton Thomas, double bass
Tony Buck, drums

John Dikeman, saxophones.
Jasper Stadhouders, guitar and bass.
Onno Govaert, drums.