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Jonas Cambien

Jonas Cambien by Jenny Berger Myhre

Jonas Cambien is a Belgian pianist and improviser, active on the Norwegian scene for improvised and contemporary music since he moved to Oslo in 2008. Jonas Cambien leads his own trio, which released its debut-album ‘A Zoology of the Future’ on the portuguese label Clean Feed Records. He has also released albums within Platform (Vafongool 2015, Clean Feed Records 2017) and Karokh (Loyal Label 2015, No Forevers 2016), with whom he performs regularly in Norway and abroad. He also performs solo and within Aksiom, an Oslo-based ensemble for contemporary music.


Simiskina / Xavier Quérel + Lina Allemano

9 Mar 2018 - 20:30

Simiskina + Xavier Quérel
Adrian Myhr electric bass
Jonas Cambien analog synths, electronics
Xavier Quérel 16mm movie projector, lights

Lina Allemano