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Simiskina / Xavier Quérel + Lina Allemano

9 Mar 2018 - 20:30

Simiskina + Xavier Quérel
Adrian Myhr electric bass
Jonas Cambien analog synths, electronics
Xavier Quérel 16mm movie projector, lights

Lina Allemano
solo trumpet / ausland 15: Cycle of Melodic Acoustic Abstracts for Solo Improvising Trumpet (Lina Allemano, 2018)

Lina Allemano is a Canadian trumpeter, improviser, and composer with an active international career, performing and recording cutting-edge contemporary music primarily in improvised / experimental / avant-garde / free-jazz settings, but also working in a wide array of other genres. For the past several years, Lina has been splitting her time between Toronto and Berlin, with one foot in Toronto's vibrant but somewhat under-the-radar experimental-music scene and the other foot in Berlin's flourishing and uncompromising art-music scene. Lina was called “one of the most exciting new voices of the last few years" by Point of Departure, and was featured as one of the top innovative trumpeters for the future in DownBeat Magazine. She is going to present her solo work for trumpet, "ausland 1–5: Cycle of Melodic Acoustic Abstracts for Solo Improvising Trumpet".

Simiskina is a duo consisting of two young players from the vibrant Norwegian scene for improvised music, Adrian Myhr and Jonas Cambien. In the fall of 2017 they released their first album on CD and vinyl on the Portuguese label Clean Feed. This entirely acoustic album consists of 10 minimalistic improvisations with multiple layers of ever changing rhythmic patterns, performed on prepared piano and double bass. For the release tour however, Simiskina will perform on electric bass, synthesizers and electronics, and they will team up with french film maker and visual artist Xavier Quérel, known from the audiovisual noise-collective Metamkine. Xavier is included within Simiskina as a sort of third musician, working with images instead of sound. When they perform, Simiskina and Xavier are together on stage, interacting as three equal voices.

Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa
Presented by Digital in Berlin

Doors: 8.30 pm
Concert start: 9.00 pm

Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

digital in berlin