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Little life big's cover

Hailing from Colorado, Josephine Foster began to sing publicly at age 15, singing operatic hymns in the services of a Rocky Mountain log cabin church. After studies in classical music she moved to Chicago, where she abandoned the idea of dedicating herself to opera and returned to her love of writing songs. Since then, Josephine has traveled around the world sharing her music. She is married to Spanish composer Victor Herrero.


14 Apr 2012 - 21:00
Michael Hurley ©Amy Annelle

Singer, songwriter, artist, folk hobo Michael Hurley aka Doc Snock is a true American iconoclast and one of that country's songwriting greats.

A rare piano based set from OTO favourite Josephine Foster whose vocal style, according to David Keenan "...combines a facility for expressive extremes comparable to Patty Waters with the precise comportment of folk singers like Karen Dalton and Shirley Collins"

Prices : 12€/night or 30€/3daypass
No advance-sale, no advance-booking, make sure to come early (limited number of seats)