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Juli Saragosa


Growing up in an immigrant family, encouraged to try everything and the economic necessity to use what’s at hand (like a home photography darkroom) Juli Saragosa became an artistic experimenter from an early age. An interdisciplinary media and performance artist who has shown work at festivals worldwide, Juli’s work extends to the curatorial and educational, as a grassroots organizer of independent festivals (The Project8 Super8 Film Festival and Mentorship Program-Vancouver, CA and the entzaubert queer DIY uncommercial film festival-Berlin, DE), a workshop leader (LIFT-Toronto, CA and VIVO-Vancouver, CA), mentor to young artists (Inside Out- Toronto, CA, Project8, and CFC-Toronto, CA), and as a media arts instructor (SFU- Vancouver, CA, UBC-Kelowna, CA and dBs Film-Berlin, DE).

"Learning to Milk a Cow" by Juli Saragosa

25 Feb 2018 - 20:00
Learning how to milk a cow

At 19, Raia was taken by Nazis from Soviet Ukraine to the Bavarian countryside to
work. From forced famine to forced labour, luck and perseverance enabled her
survival. Hand-processed black & white film, colour film, photographs and official
documents create a montage of three generations of reflections on politics, longing,
feelings of displacement and loss.

Film von Juli Saragosa, danach Q&A und Bar!