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Keren Ida Nathan / Ida Wilde

Keren Ida Nathan

Ida is a writer and director based in Berlin with a MA in Fine Arts and Undergraduate studies in Philosophy and Literature. Writing and directing for Stage, Film, Dance and the discreet Arts, aligning herself with certain outdated genres, such as operetta, lyric poetry, Jacobean passion plays, plein-air painting and pamphleteering. Her work is intersectional, centered around storytelling as a form. She focuses on social behavior, radical communality and queer femme identity, which began with her daily practice of historical female drag, as Ida Wilde. In addition she has long been experimenting with collective forms of working structures in the arts, transparency in organization and sustainability.

Selected Works
Writing and Directing- Stage
The Swan Song; Libretto and Score, publ. nGBK, 2017. (Writ/Dir)
The Swan Song Operetta, Performance Juli-Aug. 2017, nGBK  (Writ/Dir)
Utopian Pulse; Flares in the Darkroom, publ. Pluto Press, Vienna 2015.  (Writ)
The Wilde Haggadah and Gloss, publ. in Archive and Affect: A Notebook of Encounters by The Polish National Audiovisual Institute, Warsaw ,2015.(Writ)
The Wildes; A Victorian Salon, Performance with Antonia Baehr, 2014.  (Writ/Dir/Perf)
The Wilde’s Collect - A Lecture-Storytelling - Beursschouwburg Theater, 2014 (Writ/Dir/Perf)
A Day With Ida Wilde, Plein-air painting performance workshop, Beursschouwburg Theater, Brussels 2014
A Very Wilde Story: The True Story of the Marriage of Ida and Henry Wilde, publ. Kollektiv Tod Verlag and make_up prod. 2014. (Writ)

Writing and Directing- Film
The Valley of the Cross, HD- Colour, (62min) 2019 (Writer/Director/Art Direction)
The Kitchen Interviews, HD- Colour, (7hrs loop) 2010. (Writ/Dir)
Havdalah: The Sabbath Queen, with Guy Osherov, DV- Colour (8min) 2008. (Writ/Dir/Perf)
The Making of A Portrait Of, DV- Colour (15min), 2007 (Writ/Dir/Perf)

The Wildes - a Victorian salon

23 Feb 2014 - 18:00
Henry and Ida Wilde

"The Wildes"  - a Victorian salon for animation, performance, watercolor and book, sharing the many hats and silk scarves of the unconsumed marriage of Ida and Henry Wilde.
By and with Henry and Ida Wilde.

ALMENDE / נחלת הכלל

4 Feb 2020 - 00:00
12 Feb 2020 - 23:00


residency 4-12.02.2020