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Konzert Minimal

Konzert Minimal is an ensemble that focuses on the music of the Wandelweiser collective and composers who share similar aesthetics and interests in sound and silence as well ase going beyond the confinements of the traditional hierarchy in the organisation of both.

It is made up of committed Berlin-based musicians from various fields of music; modern classical music, experimental and improvised music, sound art, conceptual performance and composition, who have found in Konzert Minimal a common framework for furthering individual and collective experimentation.

Konzert Minimal plays Pisaro & Ablinger

19 Jan 2013 - 00:00

Konzert Minimal plays Pisaro & Ablinger

Konzert Minimal plays Wolff, Lingens and Ablinger

7 Mar 2014 - 20:00

Peter Ablinger: Weiss / Weisslich 20 for one or more cymbals
Hannes Lingens: New composition for Percussion Trio (cymbal, snare drum, bass drum)

Christian Wolff: Berlin Exercises (Instrumental Selections)

Johnny Chang, Lucio Capece, Koen Nutters
Hannes Lingens, Morten J Olsen, Alexandre Babel

concerts starts sharp 21:00!

doors 20:00