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Let the pain move/dance. (postponed)

7 Nov 2020 - 16:00
7 Nov 2020 - 22:00
@hyuntae lee
+++  Liebe Gäste, aufgrund der vorerst bis Ende November   geltenden Pause für öffentliche Veranstaltungen muss diese Videoinstallation verschoben werden. Wir arbeiten an der Planung eines   Ersatztermins und werden diesen, so gefunden, hier aktualisieren +++  +++ Dear guests, because of the break of public events until end of Novembre we unfortunately have to move the datew for tis presentation. We work on finding a new date! +++++   A practice of decolonizing the body - Let the pain move/dance.

The wounds, which are layered with several shadows of the patriarchal system and imperial-colonial history, do not stay in the past but repeat in this moment. Never erased or washed away. Sometimes political movements for representation leave another scratch. Trauma is not an event that happened in the past, but a pain that is never ending. Recalling the wound is not a return to the event, but a return to the oppression of that time, to the suffering of that time. 
Recognizing this kept me bound. Many times, I couldn't go forward, not even an inch because I was trapped. 
I am staring at the wounds. 
I am looking back at the history. 
I am listening to her story. 
I remember the story. 
My body feels her pain. 
Her wound already became mine.

I can't help but move.

The installation will be open between 16 and 22. We´ll allow a maximum 
of 5 people in the space. If you wan´t to be sure to be able to enter 
immediately, please reserve a slot under ruth at 
Otherwise just drop by!