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Maria Bertel


Maria Bertel 

Maria Bertel (born 1980) danish based trombone player and composer. She is working with sound structures and improvisation, amplified as well as acoustic. Maria is one of five co-founders of the art collective Eget værelse ( Her solo project Ymers Pizza is a study in amplified trombone, and synth.She is currently composing for and playing in the bands G.E.K with Johannes Lund (sax), The Big Yes with Anna Högberg (sax), Ole Morfjel (drums) and Christian Maaes Svensen (bass), in a duo with French guitarist Nina Garcia and various other event-based projects. 

Songs We Taught Your Mother #2

19 May 2018 - 20:30
Songs we taught your mother 2: Anja Jacobsen, Maria Bertel, Sonja LaBianca, Verónica Mota, RENU

Dialogues with Recordings From The Music´s Past with:  RENU and Verónica Mota, Anja Jacobsen, Maria Bertel, Sonja Labianca