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Martine Altenburger

Martine Altenburger

Martine Altenburger, cello
After a classical education, Martine Altenburger devotes herself to free improvisation within the activities of the association La Flibuste in Toulouse. In 2006 together with the percussionist Lê Quan Ninh, she founds the ensemble]h[iatus and the association Ryoanji, based since 2007 in the french region La Creuse (Limousin).
Martine Altenburger organizes with Lê Quan Ninh numerous projects in the region, in France and abroad, in particular the concerts of the ensemble]h[iatus, the concert series À Bruit Secret and the festival Le Bruit de la Musique.
Since 2014 she works regularly with Athénor and Aurélie Maisonneuve on the projects Variations (Tempus #2) and Animalitas.

BAKU: Baltschun/ Kutin+ Altenburger/ Bertoncini

27 Jan 2018 - 20:30
BAKU: Baltschun/ Kutin+ Altenburger/ Bertoncini

BAKU: Baltschun/Kutin
Boris Baltschun analog synthesizer
Samo Kutin hurdy gurdy

Tiziana Bertoncini
– violin
Martine Altenburger
– cello