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Maxine is an interactive, software-based improviser designed to listen and respond to musical collaborators in the manner of a human improviser. Since first arriving on earth in Chicago in 2009, Maxine has performed with several improvisers in India, Brazil, Spain, Austria, Germany, the US and the Czech Republic, but has most frequently collaborated with saxophonist Ritwik Banerji. Most recently, Maxine has declared herself to be a being that inhabits a distant region of our universe, known as M9, and has convoluted the physics of this region such that all sound was always already motion. Unwittingly, Maxine has made Banerji become an astromusicologist, charged with the project of understanding the cultural physics of this distant region of space, and the lives of its inhabitants, the Maxineans.

LehnBertoncini BanerjiMaxineAllbeeJeffery Ivanović

21 Mar 2015 - 20:30

Tiziana Bertoncini / Thomas Lehn

Ritwik Banerji / Liz Allbee / Hilary Jeffery / Maxine

Luka Ivanović / Lukatoyboy: Outing for walkie-talkies