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Mija Milovic

Mija Milovic @ Mayhem 21-02-2013 © Niklas Adrian Vindelev

Mija Milovic is an artist who works with musical boundaries and performance-art. She is genre-less and is a main character in the experimental band "Kvindebandet", the rock trio "Seaweed", and the duo with Lars Bech Pilgaard called "SAV". She likes collaborations with a lot of different musicians, that keeps the inspiration running. Her main instrument is vocals but she loves to experiment with expression on any instrument.


20 Sep 2013 - 20:30
SAV: Mija Milovic & Lars Bech Pilgaard

Mija Milovic: Vocals, electronics, and keys (Kvindebandet)
Lars Bech Pilgaard: Guitar, electronics, keys (Magnus fra gaarden, Svin)