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Missspelled (ii)

29 May 2019 - 20:00
29 May 2019 - 23:33
photo credit:  Hadas Tapouchi



start of the beginning:  20h 

a performance from and with:

Maya Weinberg, Hilà Lahav, Moran Sanderovich and Natalie-Igor Dobkin


***please note:  seating will be limited.  to reserve tickets please send an e-mail to: 




Missspelled evokes an invented mystical mythology, in which forgetfulness is the storyteller's language. Witchcraft and art making turn out to be one and the same: The stage is a work space, but also a bewitched zone. Performance is a space of learning and forgetting, of spelling and spell-casting, of magic, bewitchment, creation and loss.

The three performers, with their different strategies, act upon space and time, in front of the audience and between themselves as three characters, rebelling against the Possible, determined to reinterpret it. At the same time they are three story scopes, weaving together and unraveling one another.

On stage and within it, a tale is woven of movement, imagery, objects, sound and text. It is a tale confronting Linear Time with the mental one, diving into new realms of language and image. Having been forgotten, thefundamental laws of nature no longer apply. Deprived of their validity, they now make room for the stories of inconsistent, the other, the strange, the queer and the bewitched.

After a residency in ausland in the beginning of 2018 and a one year process between Berlin, Bat Yam and Jerusalem, the work has premiered in December 2018 at Leo Model Hall, Jerusalem and at Kelim Choreography Center,  Bat Yam



Concept, choreography and performance: Maya Weinberg

Music and performance: Hilà Lahav

Visual art and performance: Moran Sanderovich

Dramaturgy: Natalie-Igor Dobkin


***please note:  seating will be limited.  to reserve tickets please send an e-mail to:


production: Ha Zira Performance Art Arena an alternative platform for innovative creation in Jerusalem

With the support of The Israeli Lottery Foundation