Natacha Muslera

Natacha Muslera

Natacha Muslera, sound and plastic artist. The voice is the instrument and tool for her research. She entered her work in the fields of experimental music, sonic poetry and plastic arts (performances, sonic creations, videos, films). Starting in 2000, she turns to free improvisation and noise music. Twenty years of living creations in many locations in France and abroad (Quebec, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Palestine, Austria...)

Cartouche + TOWA

17 May 2014 - 20:30
Cartouche_TOWA_TOWA pic by Tom Kindermann

eRIkm – electronics
Natacha Muslera – vocals, microphones

Marta Zapparoli – electronics, prepared tapes & self made devices
Julie Rousse – laptop, electronics, microphones