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Niklas Blomberg


Niklas Blomberg


Niklas Blomberg aka Lipstickolas has a 24 year background in classical piano. Nowadays doing house, punk, pop and rap. From Finland, based in Berlin, performing in Europe and Asia. Lifelong love relationship to handicrafts, mostly origami, shoe sewing and painting. Graduated from Stockholm University of Dance and Circus as an acrobat.


I love collaborations, please come and talk with me!

Album coming out soon!

Songs We Taught Your Mother #4

23 Sep 2018 - 20:00

Songs We Taught Your Mother # 4

Nonku Phiri in dialogue with Beverly Glenn-Copeland


Shanti Suki Osman in dialogue with Usha Uthup

Emma Tricard & Niklas Bloomberg & the Mysterious Third Person in dialogue with Sweet Emma Barrett

radio show by SissiFM