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5 Sep 2004 - 21:30
Matt Bauder

Matt Bauder (USA) - reeds, computer
Thomas Charbonnel (FR) - electronics, computer
Chris Dahlgren (USA) - double bass and preparations
Bauder Dougherty Duo:
Matt Bauder – saxophones, electronics
Brendan Dougherty – drums, electronics
PSRS - "Radio Garbage" Performance:
Philippe Simon: Tivoli Audio Model One, Braun Time Control DB 10 fsl, Theremin
Romaric Sobac: Objects(, turntable)

The trio of Matt Bauder, Thomas Charbonnel
and Chris Dahlgren uses acoustic sound sources and
electronic processing to produce minimaximalistic sound pieces that may or may not be reminiscent of 50's Music Concrète, Edgar Varese's 'Desserts' and La Monte Young's 'Second dream of the high-tension wire step-down transformer'.
The Bauder Dougherty Duo devotes all its concert performances and studio recordings to the performance of one piece. the piece is defined by rigid guidelines. performances generally last 30 minutes.
"Radio Garbage" is a lo-fi, neo-proto-dadaist performance using a radio, a radio-controlled digital clock, a Theremin connected to effect pedals, and garbage / objects usually found on the street a few hours before the forthcoming performance. Toy instruments, such as a toy trumpet or a toy piano, or a turntable may also be played during the performance. The radio (Tivoli Audio Model One), tuned randomly on amplitude modulation (AM band), interacts with the radio-controlled clockwork (Braun Time Control DB 10 fsl). In one of his latest performances, RS was wearing a beekeeper uniform. In his last performance, PS was playing the bass with a shopping bag on his head.

Chris Dahlgren: composer/ bassist/ improvisor
born in nyc (1961) chris dahlgren lives in brooklyn and berlin. he has been improvising music since age 7. he has studied composition with la monte young, anthony braxton, alvin lucier and christian wolff. chris has also performed with many of the world's ledgendary jazz musicians. he has recieved 2 fellowships in music composition from the national endowment for the arts as well as other grants. chris has recorded a number of his own records on the kock and
c.i.m.p. record labels as well as collaborating with other artists on their projects.
Thomas Charbonnel (1976)
is a musique concrète composer and improvises
on the piano and using an electronic setup. he's an active member of the linux audio community, contributing mainly as a driver author/maintainer to the alsa project.
Matt Bauder is a saxophonist and composer who has studied with Ed Sarath, Anthony Braxton, Ron Kuivila and Alvin Lucier. He has been an active member of the new music scenes in Ann Arbor, Chicago and New York, and Berlin where he has performed with, among others, Braxton, Andrew D'Angelo, Jeff Parker, Chad Taylor, Jim Baker, Ken Vandermark and Phil Minton. He appears on recordings with Jason Ajemian (Locust Music), Warn Defever (Perforate My
Heart), Neil Michael Hagerty (Drag City), His Name is Alive (4AD/Time Stereo), Saturday Looks Good to Me (Polyvinyl) and Bill Brovald (Tzadik).
Brendan Dougherty is a percussionist and composer currently residing in Berlin. He has been involved in the independent and creative music scenes of Philadelphia, Paris and Berlin and has collaborated with such artists as Billy Bang, Gerard Pape, Aleksander Kolkowski and Bhob Rainey.
Dougherty + Bauder
Philippe Simon was born in Paris in 1977. He owns a master degree in political science and international relations. He lives currently in the two cities of Paris and Berlin and is co-editor of the French-English freezine Prism Escape. He has been improvising music since age 2 and 3/4.

Romaric Sobac was born in France in 1973 and lives today in Le Pré-Saint-Gervais, near Paris. He learned music in the Sarthe region, he owns few pianos and guitars and american music LPs. He often goes to the Montreuil flea markets, in the suburbs of Paris, to pick some cheap musical material and equipment. He has been collaborating extensively - both in live and studio context - with Alexandre Bellenger. In concert, he plays with radios (alarm clocks), stones and various " holed " objects. He plays tennis and likes drawing. He has never been improvising music.