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Nur is an Egyptian electronic producer, singer and sound artist. She recently received her Master’s degree from Goldsmiths University in London, where she studied Sonic Arts. Nur’s sound displays the influence of “Musique Concrète” and Electroacoustic music, as well as her deep interest in Islamic religious music and ethno-musicological research and compositions. She is particularly fascinated in integrating the human element within the electronic music context, which is why she frequently uses vocals, body sounds and field recordings in her work. Nur is currently exploring experimental dance music, as well as multi-channel microtonal sound compositions.

Nur & Vanessa Gageos: More and less wired

29 Jun 2017 - 20:00
-logy by Vanessa Gageos

More and less wired – Physical connections in electronic music
Nur (Cairo - Egypt) / Vanessa Gageos (Berlin - DE)
An investigation into the different ways people are connected to music.