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Sehnaoui & Thieke & Neumann & Vorfeld - Hülcker

19 Feb 2016 - 20:00
Copy! - Neele Hülcker

door: 20:00, start: 21:00

Sharif Sehnaoui - g
Michael Thieke - cl
Andrea Neumann - inside piano, elec
Michael Vorfeld - dr


Neele Hülcker - ASMR-objects + elec

Welcome to the world of ASMR!
ASMR stands for „autonomous sensory meridian response“  and is a phenomenon that causes pleasant tingles in your head. There are more than 1,5 million youtube-videos in which ASMR-artists try to trigger these tingly sensations by producing microphone-amplified silent sounds like whispering, hair brushing, crinkling or cracking noises.
The sounds in this piece may have an impact on your body. If you feel tingles -starting in your head, going down the spine- you may be ASMRsensitive.
In my performance the internet-phenomen will turn into real life. I will celebrate the sound-fetish with my ASMR-friends from the internet and some hairy guests.