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Showing: Reset. Rest in Progress

2 Nov 2023 - 15:00
2 Nov 2023 - 21:00
4 sleeping persons

 Residency Showing:

Reset. Rest in Progress | installation

Rositsa Mahdi, Sarah Ama Duah, Sointu Pere, Naomi Boima

02.11.2023 | 15:00-21:00 | admission: free/ donation




“A legacy of exhaustion resides somewhere in all of us, but it specifically resides in the bodies of those who have melanated skin” 


- Tricia Hersey, Rest is Resistance -


The pressure to produce and deliver, hustle and get to the top has normalised the state of exhaustion in our capitalist present. Being subjected to racism multiplies that exhaustion, not only due to the traumas one has to overcome daily, but also because it forces you to work double as hard to have your humanity recognised. Just looking at who the leisure and wellness industry is catered for, highlights who is expected to relax and who is expected to serve and entertain. What’s more, many of us have lost the ability to rest truly without feelings of shame and guilt dominating our thoughts.


Against this background and the rising movement to reclaim rest as resistance started by Tricia Hersey and the Nap Ministry, 

Naomi Boima, Rositsa Mahdi, Sarah Ama Duah, Sointu Pere have created a temporary space for collective rest and reflection as part of their 10-day art residency at Ausland Berlin. The installation, which is work in progress, includes print, analog photography, sound and video, and invites visitors to intentionally reclaim moments of relaxation for themselves and reflect upon how to prioritise individual and community well-being over productivity as a measure of self-worth.


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