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Sofia Lomba

Sofia Lomba, In her studio, Berlin.

Sofia Lomba moves between drawing, performance, video and music. She works around and with body identities and transformations. She turns vaginas into volcanos into vulvas into hearts into bugs into penises, collaborates with the collective Discoteca Flaming Star, incorporating since 2015 the character Ingrid on video and live. Lomba also worked with João Alves - Thundera, performed with Wojciech Kosma as part of The Family and starred in Graw Böckler’s videos, among others.
In 2016, founded AVA with Sara Pereira, a non-binary shamanic beat drone blade runner hypnotic lullaby lana keller improvisation band/performance/collective.
She lives and works in Berlin.

Discoteca Flaming Star presents: Ingrid

15 Sep 2019 - 20:00
Discoteca Flaming Star and screenshot from "Ingrid"

Discoteca Flaming Star (CGBWM, Sofia Lomba, Sara Pereira) presents:


An evening of Film-Performances with Live Music, a banner, smells, beats and a bar in two parts.

doors: 8 pm, start: 8:30 pm