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Thomas Jeker


*1972 Basel/Switzerland is a musician and composer playing Concerts, creating music for Dance and Theatre and for movies.

He studied Guitar and Contrabass at the Conservatories in Basel and Bern. Since 2001 he playes Shakuhachi. From 2003 on Thomas Jeker started to work as a Composer, Musician and Performer for different Dance and Theatre Productions, Videoart and Movies. He worked with Directors and Choreographers as Odile Duboc, Joachim Schlömer, Felicitas Brucker, Mapateatro, Su-mi Jang/Berlin, Daniel Jaber/ Adelaide, and for the Documentary movie “like a Butterfly” from Frank Neveu/la Salamandre, using different instruments and electronics. His works wore performed in different Festival and Theatres such as Theatre de la Ville, Staatstheater Hannover, Theater Freiburg, Festival Iberoamericano and others.

Thomas Jeker is currently in residency in the Cité des Arts Paris for 2013. 



16 Nov 2013 - 21:00


Tommy Noonan and Thomas Jecker

Ein Klang-Gedicht für das Ende der Welt

Geöffnet ab:  21Uhr

Beginn um:  22Uhr

Eine Koproduktion mit Theater Freiburg und Kanton Solothurn. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Tanzfabrik Berlin.