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Tomaž Grom

Tomaž Grom

Contrabassist Tomaž Grom has performed at festivals across Europe and North America and has composed music for numerous theater, contemporary dance, puppet performances and movies.
As a musician he mainly works in the field of improvised music.
He is the founder and artistic director of Sploh (Sound, Performing, Listening, Observing, Hearing) institute, an association devoted to the production of music and performing arts as well as to education and publishing in the field, based in Ljubljana.
He curates music festival Sound Disobedience, various concert series and is involved in conceptualizing and leading workshops in the field of improvisation and electro-acoustic music.
He is the author of various performances, sound installations and a long term project iMstrument which consists of recorded sound and video sequences performed by different musicians developing their individual musical language and are part of wide improvised music scene.

Braida/Christmann/Griener/Schipper + Tomažin/Grom

8 Mar 2019 - 20:30
Günter Christmann, Elke Schipper, Alberto Braida, Michael Griener / Tomaž Grom, Irena Tomažin

push & pull  –  VARIO 51: Alberto Braida – p; Günter Christmann – vcl, trb; Michael Griener – dr, perc; Elke Schipper – voc

Irena Tomažin – voc; Tomaž Grom – db, elec