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TUB / Diatribes

16 Jun 2013 - 20:30

TUB (aka The Understated Brown)
Thomas Meadowcroft - Organ, voice
Boris Hauf - Synths, voice
Steve Heather - Drums, voice

TUB was formed in Berlin in late 2004 by Boris Hauf (synthersizers), Thomas Meadowcroft (organs) and Steve Heather (percussion). Originally conceived as a 'classic rock' covers band (ELO, Steely Dan, Supertramp etc.), TUB soon went on to discover the structural and textural potential of this repertoire, creating new, longer modular forms from the great rock songs of the past. Now, armed with a heady array of loops, hooks, drones, noise and grooves, TUB is a powerful, rock power-trio
standing at the cutting edge of 'iterative rock'.

Cyril Bondi - floortom, objects
d'incise - laptop, objects

Diatribes is a duo of hyperactive improvisors from Geneva, Switzerland, since 2004 - is defined by an assemblage of objects/percussions/electronics, a dense and laid sound, a tension between horizontality and cuts, an acoustic hyper-sensibility, a minimal language with a generosity of matter, layering textures and drones in a lively but stable way.