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UMLAUT im ausland

24 Nov 2013 - 20:00
24 Nov 2013 - 23:59
[ro] :: hannes buder//hannes lingens

UMLAUT @ ausland

Two weeks before the UMLAUT Festival at Ackerstadtpalast (5.-7.12.13), UMLAUT Berlin presents two duos and one solo on the occasion of one UMLAUT Records CD Release.


Pierre Borel - Saxophone
Joel Grip - Double Bass

Their music undergoes a constant change - continuous  development.
Simultaneously: starting, stopping.
Interrupts. Erupts.
Interacting intuitive energy / intense contemplation.
Audible focus.
A dotted silence questioning the ongoing.
Hits the guts, at the same time welds wounds.
Takes all under consideration.
Then erupts again. Moves on at the moment it stops
and starts all over again.

Mitsuaki Matsumoto - Sound Device

Known as electronics-, sitar- and bandoneon player, japanese artist Mitsuaki Matsumoto presents his knewly built "sound device" for the first time in Europe in this solo performance.

[ro] UMLAUT Records CD release

Hannes Buder - Guitar
Hannes Lingens - Drums & Objects

After playing together in various projects for more than seven years, Hannes Buder and Hannes Lingens started [ro] to explore the intimate and direct exchange of the duo format. The music in this recording has been extracted from three recording sessions following a week long tour through the Alpine countries in winter 2012/2013. It has been carefully edited and mixed by the musicians in a process of several months in spring 2013 and is now released as CD on Umlaut Records with a beautiful collage cover by Michal Fuchs.