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Vania Rovisco

Vania Rovisco (PT/GR) attended the Course of Contemporary Dance for Interpreters by Forum Dança in Lisbon. Her professional career instigated with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods from 2001-2007, in various pieces and improvisational projects. Having also collaborated with Pierre Colibeuf; Helena Waldman; Gordon Monahan; Jochen Arbeit; Julian Rosefeldt; amongst others. Extended her tools and craft into directing movement for theater pieces;  improvises with a musical instrument – the horn; conceives spaces for her installations; edits video work; creates installations inviting various artists; co-ordinates artistic working processes; directs performative events and interactions; coaches and gives workshops. Member of the International Council of Dance CID - UNESCO since 2012. Co-founder of  the artistic network Aktuelle Architektur der Kultur, AADK, a platform existing in Berlin, Portugal and Spain

Stupid Green

25 Sep 2013 - 21:00
25 Sep 2013 - 23:00


Die Präsentation thematisiert die Ausdauer des tanzenden Körpers und die Wahrnehmung von Klängen, als Antriebs- und Transportmittel. 

by Jochen Arbeit and Vania Rovisco

Geöffnet ab:  21Uhr

Beginn um:  22Uhr