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Antonia Baehr

AntoniaBaehr Photo by Sophie Laly

Antonia Baehr
is a choreographer / director, performer and film-maker. What characterizes her is a non-disciplinary work and a method of collaboration with different people, using a game-structure with switching roles: each person is alternately director / author and performer for the other one.
1994 she co-founded the Berlin-based performance group „ex machinis“. She graduated in Film- and Media Arts at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin with Valie Export (1996) and obtained a DAAD-grant and a Merit Scholarship for the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. There she completed her Master in Performance with Lin Hixson of the performance group Goat Island and began collaborating with William Wheeler. Since 2000 she is based in Berlin. She was co-organizing “Labor Sonor“, experimental music and performance series, at KuLe from 2001 to 2003, and co-hosted the festival “Radioriff“ that took place in December 2003 at Ausland, Berlin. From 2006 until 2008 she was associated artist in residence at “Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers“ in France. In 2008 she published her book "Rire / Laugh / Lachen". Her productions include: "Holding hands" (2000), "Un après-midi" (2003), "Larry Peacock" (2005), "Merci" (2006), "Rire" (2008) and "Over The Shoulder"(2009).
2010 sees the development on a new choreography for four interpreters.

FERNWÄRME Verbindungen 1

22 Feb 2004 - 20:00

Showings und Gespräche Programm-und Künstlerinneninfo kurzfristig unter

fernwärme #4

20 Nov 2004 - 21:30
Antonija Livingstone, Antonia Baehr, "Cat Calendar"

STAY IN THE COSTUME AND STAY IN THE FRAME "Cat Calendar", performance by and with Antonija Livingstone and Antonia Baehr & "Maximilians Gartenlaub(e)chen", video-installation by Anne Quirynen (Premiere) Danach Tanzvergnüge

Fernwärme#18: Larry Peacock

17 Nov 2005 - 21:30

Larry Peacock (Premiere!) Ulf Sievers, Land, Henri Fleur & DJ Telepathe

Fernwärme#18.1: Larry Peacock

18 Nov 2005 - 21:30

Larry Peacock Ulf Sievers, Land, Henri Fleur

Fernwärme#18.2: Larry Peacock

19 Nov 2005 - 21:30

Larry Peacock Ulf Sievers, Land, Henri Fleur & Lovely queer party with DJ Team Velvet Maffia

Lachen - Salon

29 Feb 2008 - 20:00
lachen, foto conrad noack

An diesem geschenkten Tag in 2008 performt Antonia Baehr Lachpartituren, die sie von ihren FreundInnen und Eltern geschenkt bekommen hat. Gefördert durch die Kulturverwaltung des Landes Berlin.

sololala 2009 (4th night)

5 Dec 2009 - 20:00
Antonia Baehr (photo by Sophie Laly) + Thomas Ankersmit (photo by A. Evans)

Vom 02. bis zum 06. Dezember findet in den Sophiensaelen die mittlerweile 5. Ausgabe des "sololala" statt. Das "sololala" ist ein multidisziplinaeres Festival und versucht, angeblich Unpassendes zusammenzufuehren. 2009 stehen auf de

Abecedarium Bestiarium Salon 1

22 Apr 2012 - 18:00
Historical Anatomies, Giambattista della Porta "De humana physiognomia", 1586

Ein performtes ABC der Tierhaftigkeit von und mit Antonia Baehr in drei Salons.

Der erste Salon präsentiert Solos von William Wheeler: "W is for Wondiwoi Tree Kangaroo", Stefan Pente: "H is for Hawaiian Honeycreeper a.k.a. Black Mamo a.k.a. Drepanis Funerea", Sabine Ercklentz: "S is for Steller's Sea Cow", Steffi Weismann: "T is for Tasmanian Tiger"  

jeweils performt von Antonia Baehr

Abecedarium Bestiarium Salon II

14 Oct 2012 - 18:00
Antonia Baehr performs Steffi Weismann "T is for Tasmanian Tiger" at ausland © Alain Roux

Ein performtes ABC der Affinität in Tiermetaphern
von und mit Antonia Baehr

Der zweite Salon präsentiert Solos von Fred Bigot (Electronicat,, Isabell Spengler, Dodo Heidenreich, Keren Ida Nathan (Ida Wilde)

jeweils performt von Antonia Baehr

Abecedarium Bestiarium Salon III

11 Nov 2012 - 18:00
Antonia Baehr performs Sabine Ercklentz' "S is for Steller's Sea Cow" © Angela Anderson

Ein performtes ABC der Affinität in Tiermetaphern
von und mit Antonia Baehr

Der dritte Salon präsentiert Solos von Vinciane Despret (tbc), Christian Kesten, Andrea Neumann, Isabell Spengler

jeweils performt von Antonia Baehr

The Wildes - a Victorian salon

23 Feb 2014 - 18:00
Henry and Ida Wilde

"The Wildes"  - a Victorian salon for animation, performance, watercolor and book, sharing the many hats and silk scarves of the unconsumed marriage of Ida and Henry Wilde.
By and with Henry and Ida Wilde.

La Voix de la Route

29 Nov 2014 - 20:00
La Voix de la Route

record release of "La Voix de la Route" and live performance with Fred Bigot and Werner Hirsch and road-related projections & music by a selection of talented guests.

Doors: 20:00, Beginn 21:00

Hörbilder / Letraton Nr. 9

21 Dec 2014 - 18:00
Misses und Mysterien (© Antonia Baehr) / Letraton

Letraton Nr. 9 für Innenklavier, Mixer und Tape
performt von Andrea Neumann

Hörbilder (Ergebnisse aus der ausland Residenz)
eine Performance von und mit Antonia Baehr und Valérie Castan und William Wheeler