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Fernwärme#18: Larry Peacock

17 Nov 2005 - 21:30

Fernwärme im Ausland wird endlich volljährig!
Larry Peacock
Ulf Sievers (Laptop, Trompete)
Land (Innenklavier)
Henri Fleur a.k.a. Werner Hirsch (Vocals)
Performance, Choreographie, Texte und Komposition:
Ulf Sievers, Land, Henri Fleur
anschließend ca. 23.30 Uhr DJ Telepathe


I would like to say something as an homage to all the women on stage, all these ladies. It’s so nice to see a growing female presence nowadays in music.

It’s so nice also because it’s not just singers, they are actually using electronics, all these female musicians, and they go for the experiment. They really have a lot of energy, they really have speed, and something to say and they’re not afraid to say it out loud. They don’t hide behind their computers but dare to be sexy.

stay – go – come – sit – sit down – hold it – hold it, get it, get it, drop it – nose it – drop it – come!

I love all these chicks, they just rock the place and they scream their guts out and they break their voices and their instruments. They are not ashamed to show who they are: wonderful, beautiful persons - and smart. And even not afraid to show their bodies.

Let her have it
Say: „No“, say: „No“
Then say: „Red, drop it!“ and praise her when she does.
Say: „Red, come, bring it“, and praise her when she does.
Lightly slap Red’s nose, tell her she’s bad, she’s bad,
and remove the sock
from her mouth.

stay – go – come – sit – sit down – hold it – hold it, get it, get it, drop it – nose it – drop it – come!

(Henri Fleur, Songtext "Let her have it")
Produktion: Make-Up Productions Berlin
Antonia Baehr, Ulrike Melzwig, Sabine Ercklentz, Andrea Neumann
Foto: Anja Weber