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Rico Repotente


Rico Repotente is a guitarplayer and singer from Berlin. He plays avantagarde music reaching from improvised solo guitar to song orientated more or less subversive pop music, which is is doing lately. He also playes in the band Ochsa with Eva Meyer-Keller and has played in the band Tripper Gore with Tony Buck and Joe Williamson.

Joe Williamson + Rico Repotente

22 Feb 2009 - 22:00
joe und rico

Joe Williamson & Rico Repotente

Joe Williamson - Kontrabass, Tobias Delius - Saxophon, Sven Åke Johannson  - Drums, Olaf Rupp - Gitarre / Improvisierte Musik, Avantgarde Jazz


Olaf Rupp, Leonid Soybelman, Rico Repotente

25 Apr 2009 - 21:00
Leonid, Rico, Olaf, unbekannte Frau (v.l.n.r.)

Olaf Rupp - git
Rico Repotente - git
Leonid Soybelman - git
spielen Solos, Duos und Trios

Gray Bird : Hauf/Repotente/Shirley/Heather

14 Jun 2009 - 21:30

Gray Bird

Boris Hauf – Organ, Vocals
Rico Repotente – Guitar, Vocals
Derek Shirley – Bass
Steve Heather – Drums


Düren / Owl & Mack

7 Feb 2010 - 15:00
Owl&Mack and Düren @ ausland

Danny Schröteler - Vocals, Drums
Dirk Berger - Vocals, Guitar

Owl & Mack
Boris Hauf - Organ, Vocals
Rico Repotente - Guitar

Solo ma non troppo / Joe Williamson and the Inconvenience

4 Apr 2010 - 15:00
Seby Ciurcina & Joe Williamson

Solo ma non troppo
(Seby Ciurcina + Friends)

Joe Williamson and the Inconvenience
(Joe Williamson, Rico Repotente, Christopher Cantillp)

Playdate 10: Owl & Mack

6 Mar 2011 - 15:00
Owl & Mack

Boris Hauf - Vocals, Organ, Saxophone
Marco Eneidi - Altosaxophone
Hilary Jeffrey - Trombone
Rico Repotente - Guitar
Derek Shirley  - Bass
Holger Marseille - Drums

The Inconvenience // Zea

4 May 2011 - 20:30
The Inconvenience, photo by Ingmar Lindewall

Arnold de Boer - guitar, voc, synth

The Inconvenience
Rico Repotente - guitar,
Christopher Cantillo - drums,
Joe Williamson - vocals, bass

Repotente / Dirk Bergers Garagenjazz

18 Nov 2012 - 20:30
Repotente / Dirk Bergers Garagenjazz


Rico Repotente - voc, git
Derek Shirley - b
John Schröder - dr

blues-drenched, rootsy rock

Dirk Bergers Garagenjazz

Kay Lübke - dr
Edward Maclean - bs      
Niko Meinhold - piano
Dirk Berger - egit

geschmackssicher und im Dienste des Song