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Thomas Lehn


Since about 1990 Thomas Lehn's central artistical work is live-electronic music, created on the basis of analogue sound synthesis. After a period of working with the Robert Moog's minimoog synthesizer, since 1994 his main electronic equipment is the Synthi A modular analogue synthesizer combined with the DK-2 keyboard, both developed and produced by the British company EMS in the late 1960ies.

Thomas Lehn's electronic music is instrumentally live-performed. Musical material, process and structure are created and performed in real time.

A wide spectrum of experiences in numerous musical and music contextual genres merge in his current musical creations: in the 1980ies he has been working as pianist widely in the fields of classical, classical modern and contemporary music, jazz, music theatre and mixed media performances. Throughout the 90ies up today the centre of his work became the contemporary forms of music, both as interpreting pianist and performer of analogue live-electronic music.

Rooted in this background, he has been developing an individual language of electronic music, which inner syntax often seem to be rather of an acoustic than electronic nature.

Dafeldecker / Thomas / Lehn

10 Sep 2008 - 21:00 präsentiert: biegungen im ausland unterdruck Werner Dafeldecker [kontrabass] & Clayton Thomas [kontrabass] & Thomas Lehn [analogue synthesizer]

Foils + Glue + Lehn/Kaufmann/Lillinger

12 Jan 2013 - 20:30

Thomas Lehn - analogue synth + Achim Kaufmann - piano + Christian Lillinger - drums; Foils: Frank Paul Schubert - soprano saxophone + Matthias Müller - trombone; Glue: Tom Arthurs - trumpet, flugelhorn + Miles Perkin - contrabass + Yorgos Dimitriadis - drums, percussion;

Hanna Hartman + Ninh/Blondy/Lehn/Frangenheim

7 Sep 2013 - 20:30

Hanna Hartman solo - amplified objects

Frédéric Blondy - piano
Alexander Frangenheim - double bass
Thomas Lehn - synthesizer
Lê Quan Ninh - percussion

Trigger Plus Vol. 1 with Thomas Lehn

10 May 2014 - 20:30
10 May 2014 - 23:59

Trigger Plus Vol. 1

1: Trigger
2: Thomas Lehn solo
3: Trigger + Thomas Lehn

Im Rahmen der Reihe Trigger Plus
Der erste Gast ist der deutsche Soundtüftler Thomas Lehn, der mit seinem Instrument, dem analogen Synthesizer direkt in die unterschiedlichsten Klangebenen Triggers eingreifen wird, und ein wild kaskadierendes elektroakustisches Klangkonstrukt entstehen lassen wird.

Nils Ostendorf: Trompete
Matthias Müller: Posaune
Chris Heenan : Kontrabassklarinette

LehnBertoncini BanerjiMaxineAllbeeJeffery Ivanović

21 Mar 2015 - 20:30

Tiziana Bertoncini / Thomas Lehn

Ritwik Banerji / Liz Allbee / Hilary Jeffery / Maxine

Luka Ivanović / Lukatoyboy: Outing for walkie-talkies


Richard Scott/Axel Dörner/Thomas Lehn +Julia Reidy

3 Dec 2016 - 20:30

Richard Scott – modular synthesizer
Axel Dörner – trumpet
Thomas Lehn – analogue synthesizer

Julia Reidy – guitar

NI-VU-NI-CONNU presents John Butcher – Day 1

29 Nov 2019 - 20:30
Fotos by Ariele Monte (duo) and Pedro Moreno (trio)

NI-VU-NI-CONNU presents John Butcher

John Butcher – saxophones; Sophie Agnel – piano

John Butcher – saxophones; Thomas Lehn – analogue synthesizer; Gino Robair – percussion

Quatuor BRAC/Lehn + Feichtmair/Harnik/Polaschegg

16 Dec 2022 - 20:30
By Bruno Strobl / Hannes Schneider / Ariele Monti

Feichtmair/Harnik/Polaschegg: Tanja Feichtmair – saxophone; Elisabeth Harnik – piano; Nina Polaschegg – double bass | Quatuor BRAC + Thomas Lehn: Tiziana Bertoncini – violin; Soizic Lebrat – cello; Benoît Cancoin –  double bass; Vincent Royer – viola; Thomas Lehn – analogue synthesizer