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bend/break 2010

24 Nov 2010 - 21:00
the pitch

biegungen im ausland presents:

bend/break 2010

Program on Wednesday,  24.11.10
Door opens at 20.30, Concerts will start punctually!
Late Entrance only during the Break. Entrance 5.- Euro

1: Bogan Ghost: Liz Allbee & Anthea Caddy
trumpet, cello, pickup, amplification, distortion, fog, conch, metal and pedals - digging for the raw!
2: Robin Hayward (tuba solo)
3: Ignaz Schick (turntable, objects) & Sabine Vogel (flutes, electronics)
4: Rhythm Complication: Burkhard Beins & Clayton Thomas
Clayton Thomas (double bass) and Burkhard Beins (percussion) have worked together in several projects, as part of the Berlin Sound Connective (with Ignaz Schick and Thomas Ankersmit as regular members and changing guest members contributing live remixes and electronic treat-ments), but also as the 'rhythm section' of Rhythm Complication & Brass, a project that merges a live series of bass & drums duos and four different brass solos into a virtual sextet (to be released on vinyl soon). A following project Rhythm Complication & Reeds is coming up in 2011
5:The Pitch:
Boris Baltschun & Michael Thieke & Morten J. Olsen & Koen Nutters 
With the help of several acoustic devices- navigating through sonic territories with a unique approach and instrumentation. The quartet neither plays compositions nor do they improvise - their vehicles used for travelling are combinations of pitch-sets, dimension-sets, superimposition-sets and duration-sets. With the help of these sets they are able to explore hitherto unknown regions of time based events. Navigational tools are the exaltation of a clarinet, the bruteness of a pump organ, the lushness of a vibraphone and the profoundness of a double bass. First lp soon out on gaffer records.

*bend     (verb)   
to modify or relax (restrictions, regulations, etc.) temporarily or in certain circumstances:
to bend the rules.
to turn or incline in a particular direction; be directed:
The road bent toward the south.

*break     (verb)
to destroy or interrupt the regularity, uniformity, continuity, or arrangement of; interrupt:
The bleating of a foghorn broke the silence. The troops broke formation.
to begin uttering a sound or series of sounds:
She broke into song.


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