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Clayton Thomas


Clayton Thomas is a double bassist and grass roots organiser working in the broad spectrum of improvised music. Equally at home playing at high, medium and starkly reduced energy levels, he finds inspiration in creative music and musicians of all generations. He is the founder of The Splinter Orchestra, the NOW now festival and the concert series 'if you like improvised music, we like you." in Sydney, Australia.

"I'm trying to work out a physical activity equally engaged in electronic and acoustic music aesthetics, while maintaining the kind of transitional and transformative energy of the music that changed my life. I draw inspiration from creative music of all eras, happily learning from and engaging with improvisers, sound artists, composers and thinkers alive and kicking in the 21st century. I have been inspired and pushed by many great musicians, but would especially thank Jon Rose, Jim Denley, Andrew Meisel, Cooper-Moore, Tony Buck and Hollis Taylor for doing some real work on the topic. All my music is dedicated to my first teachers, Wilber Morris and Peter Kowald."


Irtijal Benefiz - Konzert

18 May 2007 - 21:00

biegungen116: benefiz für irtijal Irtijal - Berlin Edition - 2 days of experimental music Sharif Sehnaoui (guitar), Christine Sehnaoui (saxophone), Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet), Raed Yassin (bass), Jassem Hindi (electronics), Bec

Seby Ciurcina+ASIPLUS+Teufels

22 Sep 2007 - 21:30
seby curcina solo

Solo mit Gitarre - Seby Ciurcina (voc, git) & ASIPLUS mit Gitarre, Stimme, Geräuschen und Schatten und mit Clayton Thomas am double bass! & Herr und Frau Teufel (voc, git, dr)

Dafeldecker / Thomas / Lehn

10 Sep 2008 - 21:00 präsentiert: biegungen im ausland unterdruck Werner Dafeldecker [kontrabass] & Clayton Thomas [kontrabass] & Thomas Lehn [analogue synthesizer]

Berlin Sound Connective

25 Sep 2008 - 21:00

Berlin Sound Connective Thomas Ankersmit - saxophone Burkhard Beins - percussion Ignaz Schick - turntable Clayton Thomas - double bass processed by Boris D. Hegenbart-Matsui - laptop Valerio Tricoli - tape recorder gefoerdert durch die Initiative Ne

charhizma festival

2 Nov 2008 - 21:00

Charhizma Festival 7 Euro Christof Kurzmann [g3], Ken Vandermark [ts, cl, bcl] Clayton Thomas [bass], Martin Brandlmayr [dr, el, vib] Clare Cooper [guzheng, harp], Johannes Bauer [trombone] Dean Roberts [voc, guitar], Werner Dafeld

Nine Lives: Volume 2

10 Jun 2009 - 21:00

NINE LIVES, Volume 2
two nights of spontaneous music & pre-determined combinations
in order of appearance:

Clare Cooper, guzheng / Alexander Babel, percussion / Andrea Neumann, Innen Klavier

Robin Hayward

Nine Lives: Volume 2

11 Jun 2009 - 21:00

NINE LIVES, Volume 2
two nights of spontaneous music & pre-determined combinations


"Soll-Ist-vergleich" (performance by Andrea Neumann & Diego Chamy)

Christof Kurzmann, G4 / Jean Luc Guion

The Devastation Menu

24 Mar 2010 - 21:11
25 Mar 2010 - 21:11

two nights of small, medium and large ensembles with

KEN VANDERMARK, (Chicago) reeds
ANDREA NEUMANN, inne klavier
LIZ ALLBEE, trumpet and electronics
VERA FISCHER (Vienna) flutes
EVA REITER (Vienna) viola da gamb

Rastig / Zerang / Rupp / Thomas / Bauer

29 May 2010 - 21:00
Johannes Bauer, Michael Zerang, Louis Rastig, Olaf Rupp, Clayton Thomas

Der Berliner Free Jazz-Pianist Louis Rastig lädt ein zum Improvisationstreffen. Seine Gäste sind konstante Größen der Szene: der Posaunist Johannes Bauer (D), der Kontrabassist Clayton Thomas (AUS), der Schlagzeuger

Nine Lives Vol IV

18 Jun 2010 - 21:00
nine lives vol 6
Miya Misaoka (Japan/NYC) koto and electronics
Okkyung Lee (NYC) cello
Clare Cooper, guzheng
Asi Foecker, guitar, voice & visuals
Monika Brooks (SYD) accordion
Sven Ake Johannson, percuss

echtzeitmusiktage - in exile/home again#2 / jazz#1

12 Sep 2010 - 21:00

in exile/home again #2

Olaf Rupp (guitar)

"is there a thing called jazz #1"

Ignaz Schick (alto saxophone)
Clayton Thomas (double bass)
Paul Lovens (drums)



bend/break 2010

24 Nov 2010 - 21:00
the pitch

bend/break 2010

Program on Wednesday,  24.11.10

Bogan Ghost:
Liz Allbee & Anthea Caddy
Robin Hayward Tuba Solo

Splitter Orchester @ Radialsystem V

27 Nov 2010 - 21:00
Radialsystem V
Splitter Orchester, Photo by Tania Kelley

Splitter Orchester at Radialsystem V

Split Seconds

a night of new composition, improvisation and the instant of invention

enjoy the full 24 piece orchestra

the ultra trash free jazz band + Trio BassX3

26 Feb 2011 - 21:00
26 Feb 2011 - 23:59

the ultra trash free jazz band aus frankreich with Pierre Borel (sax), Yann Joussein (drums) and Joachim Florent (double bass).

Trio Bassx3: Clayton Thomas (double bass and objects), chris dahlgren (doublebass

Jeffery, Mayas, Thomas, Buck

29 Apr 2011 - 21:00
Jeffery, Mayas, Thomas, Buck

Hilary Jeffery, trombone
Magda Mayas, clavinet & piano
Clayton Thomas, double bass
Tony Buck, drums

The Movers and Shakers II

8 Oct 2011 - 20:30
Come Back Special

a mini festival celebrating song improvisation & noise
October 7, 8 and 9 - 2011
All shows start at 21.00

today with:
Golden Diskó Ship
Come Back Special

Rhythm Complication 2012/I

7 Sep 2012 - 20:30
Clayton Thomas and Burkhard Beins

A bass & drums duo and two solos

Clayton Thomas – double bass
Burkhard Beins – drums and percussion
Chris Abrahams – dx7 solo
Magda Mayas – grand piano solo

Rhythm Complication 2012/II

8 Sep 2012 - 20:30
Clayton Thomas & Burhard Beins

A bass & drums duo and two solos

Clayton Thomas – double bass
Burkhard Beins – drums and percussion
Chris Abrahams – grand piano solo
Thomas Meadowcroft – leslie organ solo

Bergljot + Mayas/Boubaker/Thomas

20 Apr 2013 - 20:30
20 Apr 2013 - 21:00

Magda Mayas - Piano
Heddy Boubaker - Modular synth
Clayton Thomas - Doublebass

Vojtech Prochazka - piano, organ, synths, electronics
Adrian Myhr - electric bass
Tore Sandbakken - drums, percussions

Doors 20:30 / start 21:00


23 Jun 2013 - 20:30

FIRE BRANDS a night of free jazz and fire music.

Johannes Bauer, trombone
Clayton Thomas, double bass
Tony Buck, drums

John Dikeman, saxophones.
Jasper Stadhouders, guitar and bass.
Onno Govaert, drums.

Hundeschule: Øyvind Torvund + Splitter Orchester

1 Nov 2013 - 20:00

Work-in-Progress: Konzertpräsentation und Gespräch


1. Gespräch mit Øyvind Torvund und Mitgliedern des Splitterorchesters - Moderation: Mathias Maschat
2. Konzertpräsentation mit Splittergruppe I : Anthea Caddy, Axel Dörner, Hillary Jeffery, Simon J. Phillips, Michael Thieke und Biliana Voutchkova.


If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?

3 Jun 2014 - 20:00
Exploring the future

A message from Clayton Thomas:

After 7 years of rocking this sweet beautiful continent, I'm leaving to rock Sydney one more time.

The relocation would not be right without a 2 day party where i can hug and kiss you all and dance like a maniac and play a marathon of awesome music. As you do.