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Jon Rose

Jon Rose

Jon Rose at 60.

For nearly 40 years, Jon Rose has been at the sharp end of experimental, new and improvised music on the global stage. Central to that practice has been 'The Relative Violin' project, a unique output, rich in content, realising almost everything on, with, and about the violin - and string music in general. Most celebrated is the worldwide Fence project; least known are the relative violins - over 20 home experimental string instruments, created specifically for and in Australia.

In the area of interactive electronics, his work is considered exemplary, having pioneered the use of the MIDI bow in the 'Hyperstring' project in the 1980s with the Steim Institute, Amsterdam - and with whom he continues to collaborate often in interactive projects involving sport, games or the environment.

Apart from Europe, considerable interest in Rose's output currently comes from California where he was recently offered the David Tudor Residency at Mills College and completed a concert and lecture tour of all the major UC campuses and The Juilliard School of Music & New York and Washington Universities.

Jon Rose has appeared on more than 60 albums and collaborated with many of the mavericks of new music including Kronos String Quartet, John Cage, Derek Bailey, Butch Morris, John Zorn, Alvin Curran, Fred Frith, George Lewis, Otomo Yoshihide, Christian Marclay, Eugene Chadbourne etc. at festivals of New Music, Jazz, and Sound Art world wide such as Ars Electronica, Festival D’Automne, Maerzmusik, Dokumenta, North Sea Jazz Fest, Leipzig Jazz Fest, European Media, New Music America, the Vienna Festival, the Berlin Jazz Festival etc.

Recently Jon Rose was commissioned by the Kronos String Quartet to write and build “Music from 4 Fences” for the Sydney Opera House; realised his bicycle powered “Pursuit” project at Carriage Works (Sydney) and The Mona Foma Festival (Hobart); performed a completely new and improvised solo part for the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra; created two major radiophonic works for the BBC on the first Aboriginal string orchestra and the history of the piano in 19th century Australia; toured in Europe with his current improvisation groups 'Futch' and 'Strike'; produced his interactive Ball project at The Melbourne Festival, Gallery of New South Wales, Sounds Outback, and Mona Foma; performed his interactive multi-media composition “Internal Combustion” for violin and orchestra at The Philharmonic, Berlin; and been apprehended by the Israeli Defence Forces at the Separation Fence near Ramallah in the occupied territories.
In 2007 he gave the Peggy Glanville-Hicks address - Listening to history: some proposals for reclaiming the practice of music. It has been published in over six journals, including The Leonardo Music Journal of MIT Press. This journal just published his personal but definitive history of the interactive violin bow – Bow Wow.

He holds 3 passports, one of which declares him a 'Berliner for life'.

Schlaiten + Jon Rose

12 Jun 2011 - 21:00


Svein Magnus Furu - saxophone
Stine Janvin - voice
Are Lothe Kolbeinsen - guitar
Guro Moe - bass
Andrea Neumann - inside piano
Tanja Orning - cello

Jon Rose: "Palimpolin&quot

Bob Ostertag + Jon Rose

17 Apr 2014 - 20:30
Ostertag and Rose

Bob Ostertag solo
Bob Ostertag & Jon Rose duo

Doors 20:30h, Start 21:00h.

Colophony minus one, add one, plus four equals

8 May 2014 - 20:30
Jon Rose

Colophony minus one, add one, plus four equals

Jon Rose – violins, Meinrad Kneer – double bass, Axel Doerner – trumpet, Steve Heather – drums, percussion, Richard Scott – electronics, Magda Mayas – piano

RichardScottLightningEnsemble JonRose BobOstertag

12 Jun 2015 - 20:30

Richard Scott Lightning Ensemble + Jon Rose – violin (as guest)
Richard Scott – modular synthesizer / David Birchall – guitar, electronics / Phillip Marks – drums, percussion
Jon Rose – violin, Data Violin
Bob Ostertag – Aalto synthesizer, gamepad - OUTDOORS!



30 Apr 2020 - 20:30


Isambard Khroustaliov; Rudi Fischerlehner

Jon Rose / Alvin Curran Duo: Jon Rose; Alvin Curran