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Kosack, Suzuki & Rohrmoser, Majkowski & La Foresta

14 Nov 2019 - 19:00
14 Nov 2019 - 23:00
photo credit:  claudia rohrmoser


–  a drone evening at ausland  –


with performances by:

Riccardo La Foresta & Mike Majkowski

Liz Kosack

with an audio-video installation by:

Claudia Rohrmoser & Mieko Suzuki


doors open at 19h

concerts start at 20h




Mieko Suzuki & Claudia Rohrmoser (Audio-Videoinstallation)

For their joint experimental video work visual artist Claudia Rohrmoser and sound artist Mieko Suzuki share vinyl as the same source to explore the mutual influences of analogue material, sound and image. In her sound design Mieko Suzuki uses broken and prepared records, turntables, effector pedals, and various props.  She creates a slowly evolving, dynamic and bass driven sound texture that is rooted both in noise and electronic music. Claudia Rohrmoser transforms still images of Mieko's taped records, vinyl fragments, and hand-drawn discs into a lucid visual universe. Exploring the characteristics of the given shapes and surfaces she generates dynamic virtual spaces from the grooves' textures. The animations are created simply by spinning digital images and projecting textures onto virtual 3D objects.



Riccardo La Foresta & Mike Majkowski

The duo of these two artists creates a liquid architecture of overtones and dense harmonies by challenging the acoustic properties of their acoustic instruments.  The result is a massive presence of frequencies that floats in the room, slowly moving, slowly changing.
Riccardo La Foresta is a percussionist, composer and improviser from Modena (Italy) whose interests range from improvisation and composition, sound performance and sound art. His research led him to use the drum as a wind instrument with a special self-made system, drastically moving away from traditional drumming.
It's called Drummophone was officially presented at Tempo Reale in 2017. On September 24th 2019 he released his first solo cassette "Does the world need another drum solo?" on Yerevan Tapes. This is a photograph of the most recent evolution of the Drummophone: resonances and vibrations generated on two bass drums through the use of compressors that push the air on the skins. The recording took place inside the atrium of the former Sant'Agostino Hospital in Modena, whose architecture is characterized by a complex reverberation wisely captured by the microphones of Renato Grieco (kNN), leading to an acousmatic and psycho-acoustic result.
Mike Majkowski –  active as a bassist with various groups including Lotto, Das B., illogical harmonies, Splitter Orchester, as well as a producer of solo music. His work primarily focuses on resonating frequencies as well as relationships between stillness and pulse, and ranges from purely acoustic through electroacoustic to electronic. Majkowski's solo albums have been described as "slightly nefarious if not outright treacherous" (Tiny Mix Tapes), "a beautiful blur" (ATTN:Magazine), and "a totally immersive durational study" (Boomkat).
Liz Kosack 
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