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Lucio Capece

Lucio Capece - Bass Clarinet.
Experimental musician born in Argentina in 1968. Lives in Europe since 2002, and specifically in Berlin since 2004. He plays the soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, analog electronics (synthesizers, equalizers on feedback), Sruti Box and a set of Wire less speakers that fly hanging from Helium Balloons.
Educated as a Jazz and Classical musician in Argentina-Lyon and New York Capece,  developed his work in the context of electro acoustic improvisation for over 15 years. At the moment, and since 2010 he focuses his sound work on the perceptual experience. Creating pieces that deal with specific characteristics of social and architectural spaces, and with the perception experience itself. He has done this through his solo pieces mainly , as well as collaborations also based in the same interest.
He has released around 25 Cd ́s and LP ́s, in labels like Mego ( Austria), PAN (Germany) B-Boim (Austria), Potlatch (France) , Another Timbre (England), Formed (USA) , Mikroton (Russia), Organized Music from Thessaloniki (Greece), Leaf (England), among others.
Among other projects In 2007 he directed the Project "Extended Modulator", composing and performing music for and with the "Licht- Raum Modulator", kinetic sculpture built by László Moholy-Nagy between 1922- 1930. The piece was offered at the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin.

As an improviser Capece has shared projects and released music with Radu Malfatti, Mika Vainio, Kevin Drumm, Axel Dörner. Robin Hayward, Christian Kesten, Toshimaru Nakamura, Burkhard Beins. Rhodri davies, Julia Eckhardt, among others.
As a performer he has worked with Pauline Oliveros, Peter Ablinger, Antoine Beuger, Michael Pisaro, Christian Wolff, Phill Niblock as part of the Ensemble Q-O2 from Belgium  and the group Konzert Minimal from Berlin. He has been member of the Vladislav Delay Quartet.

Capece / Kesten + Vogel / Lacey / Carroll

12 Jun 2010 - 21:00
Lucio Capece / Christian Kesten

Lucio Capece  - Sopransaxophon, Bassklarinette, Dinge, Christian Kesten - Stimme, Dinge

Paul Vogel - Objekte, electronics, David Lacey - Schlagzeug, electronics, Roy Carroll - sampler, loudspeakers

echtzeitmusiktage - electro-acoustic night #1

18 Sep 2010 - 22:00

electro-acoustic night #1

Thomas Ankersmit (synth)
Seiji Morimoto (selfmade objects, electronics)
Stefan Roigk (tapes, electronics)

Lucio Capece (reeds, electronics) & Mika Vainio (electronics)

Davies & Mukarji & Dörner // Parkinson // Capece

10 Apr 2011 - 21:00
Tisha Mukarji

Angharad Davies - viol
Tisha Mukarji - inside piano
Axel Dörner - trumpet


Tim Parkinson - piano


Lucio Cap

Antez + Palme/Wagensommerer + Capece/Olsen/Tricoli

3 Nov 2011 - 22:00

Continuum - Solo for Percussion

Pia Palme / Thomas Wagensommerer
Pia Palme - Aerofone, Electronics, Installation
Thomas Wagensommerer - Laptop, Electronics, Video

Sliding Fulcrum
Lucio Capece - Saxophone
Morten Olsen - Drums
Valerio Tricoli - Revox

Umlaut Festival Berlin 2012

18 Feb 2012 - 20:00

Philip Zoubek & Florian Bergmann
Stefan Thut - vier, 1-12
Peeping Tom

9/6€, doors open 20:00, concert starts 21:00

Duo Gauguet/Hayward + Lucio Capece solo

23 Jun 2012 - 21:00
23 Jun 2012 - 23:59

ausland is happy to host the first musical encounter of Bertrand Gauguet (fr) on the saxophones with Robin Hayward (de) on tuba.
In this tonal meeting the two musicians aim to explore the border between pitch and noise.

+ Lucio Capece solo: One melody, three spaces
Soprano saxophone, wireless speaker, tunebugs, cardboard boxes, PA, Spectrum, ring modulator.

Konzert Minimal plays Malfatti / Chang

17 Apr 2013 - 21:00

Konzert Minimal presents “Ochitsuite”, written by Radu Malfatti especially for the ensemble and Dutch pianist/composer, Dante Boon. Plus new composition by Johnny Chang based on / in reference to “Ochitsuite”.


The Sealed Knot + Paul Valery Project

3 May 2013 - 20:30

Paul Valery Project
Eric Thielemans – percussion; Tisha Mukarji – piano, video; Christian Kesten – voice; Johnny Chang – viola; Lucio Capece – bass clarinet, video, concept

The Sealed Knot
Burkhard Beins – percussion; Rhodri Davies – harp; Mark Wastell – double bass

Capece/Tricoli/The Pitch/Leichtmann

16 May 2013 - 20:30
The Pitch ©David Helbich

Lucio Capece Solo, Pendulums and sine waves in different tuning systems

Valerio Tricoli Solo, Revox

The Pitch plays Liquid Quartet Music
Boris Baltschun, Electric Pump Organ, Function Generators
Koen Nutters, Bass
Morten J. Olsen, Vibraphone
Michael Thieke, Clarinet

Hanno Leichtmann, vinyls

Duo Eubanks/Battus // Cat Lamb "areas of presence"

20 Oct 2013 - 20:30

Duo Eubanks/Battus
Pascal Battus (FR) - amplified objects
Bryan Eubanks (US/DE) - live electronics

"areas of presence"
Cat Lamb, 2013

Lucio Capece-bass clarinet
Johnny Chang-viola
Catherine Lamb-viola
Koen Nutters-bass

Capece/Neumann/Vogel + Facet: Rühl/Sledziecki/Myhr

2 Nov 2013 - 20:30

Lucio Capece: soprano sax, bass clarinet
Andrea Neumann: inside piano
Sabine Vogel: flutes

Joris Rühl: clarinet
Maciej Sledziecki: guitar
Adrian Myhr: bass

Konzert Minimal plays Wolff, Lingens and Ablinger

7 Mar 2014 - 20:00

Peter Ablinger: Weiss / Weisslich 20 for one or more cymbals
Hannes Lingens: New composition for Percussion Trio (cymbal, snare drum, bass drum)

Christian Wolff: Berlin Exercises (Instrumental Selections)

Johnny Chang, Lucio Capece, Koen Nutters
Hannes Lingens, Morten J Olsen, Alexandre Babel

concerts starts sharp 21:00!

doors 20:00

Konzert Minimal @ ausland series #3

23 Sep 2014 - 21:00

Konzert Minimal plays:

Catherine Lamb - material/highlight (2013/2014)
Lucio Capece - New composition
Konzert Minimal: Lucio Capece, bass clarinet Johnny Chang, viola Hilary Jeffery, trombone Cat Lamb, viola Hannes Lingens, accordion Mike Majkowski, bass Koen Nutters, bass Rishin Singh, trombone

doors 20:00

music starts 21:00


23 Oct 2014 - 20:30

Makiko Nishikaze: compositions for clavichord solo

Sven-Åke Johansson / Liz Allbee / Pierre Borel / Joel Grip

Radu Malfatti: shoguu
Radu Malfatti / Lucio Capece / Cat Lamb / Johnny Chang

Asnan /// Foster&Yoshikawa /// Capece

23 May 2015 - 21:00
23 May 2015 - 23:59
May 23rd 2015

Adam Asnan solo - improvisations with objects, speakers, and electronics

Joe Foster (things and stuff) and Daichi Yoshikawa (electronics, feedback) 

Lucio Capece presents Modes Study (for Sine Waves, One Balloon with Propeller, PA, Flying Speaker and UV light)

Kesten & Capece / Erel / Vitková & Hülcker

20 Nov 2015 - 20:30

Lucio Capece – soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, objects, Christian Kesten – voice, objects

Korhan Erel – electronics

Lucie Vítková – 2 accordions, voice, Neele Hülcker – keybord, electronics

Shared Space I

23 Nov 2018 - 20:00

Shared Space and Series:: present a weekend of contemporary music around the Wandelweiser and Berlin based Sacred Realism collectives

Shared Space I

Jürg Frey: Colours of Silence (2017/2018) two keyboards/percussion
Antoine Beuger: Lieux de passage (2007) for clarinet and ensemble
Cat Lamb: Curvo Totalitas (2017) one tam-tam, one steel sheet, two synthesizers

doors: 20:00 start 20:30

Objects in Space: Krebs / Frasch / Capece

11 May 2019 - 20:30

Objects in Space
Annette Krebs: Konstruktion#3: third movements
Heather Frasch: weaving broken threads
Lucio Capece
: On incomplete givenness