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Friday September 1, 2006
Start: 21:00

int. marathon of experimental electronic music

Thursday September 7, 2006
Start: 21:30

Nilan Perera (altered electric guitar)
Olaf Rupp (electric guitar)

Friday September 8, 2006
Start: 21:30

The Variable Geometry Quartet
Yannick Franck (electronics)
Olivier Pé (guitar, electronics)
Jeff Gburek (guitar, electronics)
Sicker Man (cello, synths, guitar, lapsteel)

Saturday September 9, 2006
Start: 22:00

A musical commentary on war and peace, timeless sounds from the Middle East. A live radio show by Guy Dubious (Radio 100,6 Tel Aviv)

Guy Dubious:
An archivist. Compiling music, recording signals with his tape machine, making connections of sounds to s

Thursday September 14, 2006
Start: 21:30

Thomas Meadowcroft - Orgel / Electronics
Sprecher: N.N.
Ekkehard Windrich: Violin
Boris Hauf: Tenor Saxophon

Friday September 15, 2006
Start: 22:00


Sunday September 17, 2006
Start: 20:00

Grenzgänger - Literaturbühne im Ausland > "Wenn ihr mich nicht haben wollt ..." - Manie und WahnSinn - Texte, Bilder und Musik 20 Uhr Eintritt: 5,- Euro

Wednesday September 20, 2006
Start: 21:00

Filme im ausland

Saturday September 23, 2006
Start: 22:00

s t a t i c t i c s Radioworm - Delegation aus Rotterdam
Henk Bakker (Bassklarinette/Elektronik)
Lukas Simonis (E Gitarre/gadgets)

Sunday September 24, 2006
Start: 22:00

Vialka (Marylise Frecheville - percussion,voice & Eric Boros - baritone guitar,voice) + Asi Föcker (guitar, voice) gypsy turbofolkpunk music + DJs The Goldmunds& Matt Elliott

Wednesday September 27, 2006
Start: 17:00

Brandon LaBelle (USA, Los Angeles)
sound installation: duck duck goose

Thursday September 28, 2006
Start: 22:00

Ashis Mahapatra (guitar, computer)
Eva Sjuve (13 Volts and 1 Carrot)
DJ Ed Benndorf

Friday September 29, 2006
Start: 20:00

Fernwärme (The making of Performing Arts) would like to invite you to the presentation of the artist-organized Performing Arts Forum (PAF / St. Erme) and the strategies and works of "Everybodys", (an online-shareware and discussion forum for the use of op

Sunday October 1, 2006
Start: 22:00

voice,live electronics and interactive surprise: mentors martin Ertl(A) and Paulina Almeida (P) develop a life interaction between humanity, art forms, artist and audience.

Wednesday October 4, 2006
Start: 22:00

bleubird (florida/usa) is a performer, the life of the party, and the piss in your parade. + otto von schirach (florida/usa) Electro Bass Noise, Gore Grind, IDM Glitch, Calliope, Breakcore Gabber Jungle, Gangsta Rap + dj jason forrest special gues

Friday October 6, 2006
Start: 22:00

Bolshevikings (RUS/SVE) - Eugene Wolynsky (Voice), Kalle Molander (Keyboards, Song, Acoustic Guitar), Dennis Davydenko (Guitar), Ruslan Radtchenko (Guitar), Petter Winnberg (Doublebass), Fredrik Hake (Drums) -anarchistisches Punk-Kabarett in der Tradition

Sunday October 8, 2006
Start: 21:30

biegungen101: The Jolly-Boat Pirates Niklas Barnö (trumpet) Lars Åhlund (saxophones) Joel Grip (double bass) Devin Gray (drums) + SoKo Steidle (record release) Rudi Mahall (bcl) Henrik Walsdorff (as) Johannes Fink (b) Oliver Steidle (dr)

Friday October 13, 2006
Start: 21:00

An invasion of performance and video works by Montreal's feminist queer artists "Edgy Women", featuring "Lapine-moi", "Pleasure Zone" and more. Party with DJanes Ali and Olga Damnitz spinning tunes!

Sunday October 15, 2006
Start: 20:00

Grenzgänger - Literaturbühne im Ausland DER RUHM HAT KEINE WEISSEN FLÜGEL - TEXTE VON GOTTFRIED BENN Rezitation und Gesang: Jens-Paul Wollenberg Elektrische und akustische Gitarre: Harald Bohner

Wednesday October 18, 2006
Start: 21:30

Andrea Parkins (accordion, electronics)

Thursday October 19, 2006
Start: 22:00

NOXAGT (bass, drums, guitar)
for fans of hard rock and swinging unconventional riffage, dirty crawl such as the MELVINS, and single minded pummel like LIGHTNING BOLT

Saturday October 21, 2006
Start: 22:00

The Häpna Label Night
proudly presents:
Tape (Andreas und Johan Berthling, Tomas Hallonsten)
Ass (Andreas Söderström)
Tenniscoats (Saya: voc,keys + Ueno: git, sax)

Sunday October 22, 2006
Start: 22:00

KK.Null (electronics)
cosmic noise maximal/minimalism
Raxinasky (guitar, drums)
super heavy mixture of brutal noise rock

Tuesday October 24, 2006
Start: 21:30

puschen/goldmund/eiskalt presentent: casiotone for the painfully alone (tomlab, USA) - voc, electr., piano + the dead science (absolutely kosher, USA) - voc, drums, kontrabass / knochige, staksige rhythmen mit fetten akkorden, die so lang anhalten, bis

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